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Zack Snyder plays with the Boys Justice League parody

“We are your heroes,” echoes a powerful voice, as oversaturated images of costumed heroes fill the screen. A man in a cape dressed in blue walks through the rubble of the city and a woman in armor turns around, worried, looking for the next threat. Accompanying each shot, Wagnerian strings and bass drum thumps echo, capturing the heroes’ inner turmoil as they prepare to take on a rogue member. From the darkness comes a title card adorned with sparkles and steel, declaring the film’s title, Dawn of the Seven.

But the heroes on screen are neither Ben Affleck’s Batman nor Henry Cavill’s Superman. Instead, they are Homelander, A-Train and Queen Maeve, members of the sadistic superhero group The Seven, antagonists of the Amazon series. The boys. But we’d be forgiven for thinking the clip was promoting director Zack Snyder’s latest DCEU outing. A promotional project for the next The boys season 3, the trailer uses several Snyder cues, including the subtitle “The Bourke Cut”.

Given the cynical view of superheroism held by The boys, it would not be surprising if Snyder himself took umbrage. But instead, Snyder himself retweeted the trailer with the message, “Congratulations to director Bourke. Glad to see your vision come true.

The “Bourke” in question is Adam Bourke, the director introduced in season two. A production of evil Vought International, Dawn of the Seven exists around the world as part of a propaganda campaign to build trust in the Seven after the world learned of the company’s role in creating Supes. More than just entertainment, Dawn of the Seven seeks to maintain Vought’s control over public perception.