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Why Batman and Catwoman are meant to be together

A new origin story for Selina Kyle shows why she was always meant to be at Batman’s side.

When it comes to iconic comic book romances, Batman and Catwoman still top the list as one of the most well-known couples in all of popular culture. Part of what makes this romance so enduring is the aesthetic similarities between the two animal-themed characters who sometimes stand on different sides of the law. Deeper than that, however, is the intrinsic bond the two share with each other in their status as orphaned children who had to learn at a young age how to survive in a cruel world without the guidance of a family to fall back on.

Batman/Catwoman Special #1 (by Tom King, John Paul Leon, Bernard Chang, Mitch Gerads, Dave Stewart and Clayton Cowles) highlights this by giving us a new angle on the two characters’ stories, as we see a young Selina Kyle as a child. develop feelings for Bruce Wayne, years before the two met face to face.

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The special opens with a homeless man drunkenly singing the chant “Silent Night,” while an alley cat comes across a baby Selina Kyle, who had been dumped in a dumpster. The story then picked up speed a few years later, during Selina’s stay at the Wayne Home for Orphaned Children where she began talking to a painting of a young Bruce Wayne standing next to his parents while drawing him a picture. picture of a cat. This spans several years, as she also spoke on the board the morning after Bruce’s parents died, as she told Bruce’s board that she was sorry for what had happened and that she had no no “mom and dad” either and hopes that she and Bruce could become “best friends”.

This new addition to Catwoman’s origin makes sense, especially in the alternate future of Batman/Catwoman, which sees Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle marry and raise their own family. By “introducing” Selina to Bruce at a young age, King helps establish how the two orphans are almost destined to be together, with the two filling in the holes left in each other’s parentless childhoods. This theme is present in the special, which also gives readers a brief glimpse into how this timeline will unfold by showing us the eventual deaths of Bruce and Selina and how their lives were intrinsically linked to each other from the start.

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Even outside of this specific timeline, the addition to the origin story is also very faithful to the main iterations of Bruce and Selina’s relationship. At the heart of their two respective missions is the fact that they are both orphans, who have struggled to survive in Gotham without the guiding force of a family. While Bruce would find purpose in his mission to save Gotham and travel the world to master the skills required to become Batman, Selina was forced to stay in Gotham and had to learn her burglary and fighting skills on her own and use her own intelligence to survive because she was born into poverty. Despite her struggles, however, Selina has a certain zest for life and emotional stability that is at odds with Bruce’s stoicism and undying focus on protecting Gotham, her nonchalant demeanor helping her get away from her rage and of his obsession.

Despite their different backgrounds, both know the struggle and loneliness that comes with not growing up with a family and therefore having a kinship that would naturally lead to a romantic relationship. Highlighting this theme in both characters’ early childhood helps establish why Bruce and Selina have such a bond with each other and how they fill the void in each other’s lives and helps deepen our understanding of why their relationship is one of the most complex and thematically rich romances in all of pop culture.

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