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What is yachting and why is it Hollywood’s big secret?

In her book, Ratajkowski also describes how, from the age of 19, she was invited to restaurants by a club promoter whose job, it seems, was to bring together attractive women for high-profile events. .

“I had only spent a handful of nights in clubs, but I knew I didn’t particularly like it. I didn’t like the music they were playing, or the way drinks spilled all over my bare legs, or the way someone always seemed to be groping me,” she wrote.

In one instance, she says she was taken on an all-expenses-paid luxury trip to the Coachella festival alongside 14 other young models.

Describing a conversation she had there, she wrote: “A tall model with thick black hair and a nasal voice came to sit next to me. ‘So you know the big bald guy is, like, a prince, right?…His mom is obviously super famous. But yeah, I heard that he and his fiancee like to have threesomes… So they’re, like, always looking for girls for that.

Ratajkowski later describes watching a Victoria’s Secret model drink with Low.

“He was drunk. A tray of shots appeared in front of him, and he grabbed two, handing one to the Victoria’s Secret model. She had ignored me and the other guests, her attention focused on Jho Low. Now she kept staring at him as he fired, throwing his head back dramatically as he did, only to quickly throw the booze over his shoulder.When he faced her again, his eyes sparkled and the famous dimples appeared on his cheeks. Shit, I thought, what a maneuver.