Welcome to the world of Metaverse, the era of seductive barbarism!

Life has lost its emotion.

It no longer has meaning, it has lost its soul.

Yes, life had a soul, it had value, it had meaning.

Despite all the wars, murders, chaos and crises, life was worth living because it had a spirit, because it had meaning and value, perhaps because value was. known and felt meaning.


A sequel could be felt, the next phase of life.

The future did not exist. The end of the tunnel was barely visible.

Humanity had not lost confidence in the future.

It was as if humanity endured all wars, chaos, internal conflicts, etc., clinging to the belief in a better world, a better future.

That’s why it had meaning, it had value, life had soul.

Then something happened: uncertainties took over… Uncertainty plunged into the abyss of pessimism and despair. The idea of ​​the future, the confidence in the future, has disappeared. With the motto of “tout va” “tout va”, the idea of ​​truth has lost its meaning, the sense of time and space has evaporated, memories have been erased, dreams ended, claims disappeared. The result was complete destruction: humanity was drawn to the brink of nihilism, a chasm of absurdity.

Wallerstein’s “age of uncertainty” has become a reality. Man has become worldless, the world has become dehumanized, while people flee to the alluring, alluring and soulless world of the virtual universe …

The world suddenly got mired in a chaos of absurdity, a dead end. Nihilism has taken hold of the center of life in frightening dimensions: the chasm of nonsense has widened, people have become unresponsive to the world’s problems, and there has been an ontological catastrophe of devastating extinction and destructive: in a chaotic world, postmodern nihilist world which has lost its soul, its value and its meaning, the continent not occupied by the imperialists, There is no place that they have not turned into a living hell!

There was a UN, but it was useless. It only protected the interests of the powerful, especially the Jews, and did not implement any of the unfavorable resolutions regarding Israel, which slowly but surely swallowed up all of Palestine, occupied almost every part of it until it was wiped off the map. , and furthermore, forced the Palestinian people to live in a bloodbath for about 70 years.

The UN has been used as a tool to legitimize the exploitation and occupation of the imperialists.


Michel Henry, an underrated thinker, called the point where things are now barbaric and even wrote his book with the same title.

Baudrillard also joked that “in fact there had been no war in Iraq, it was fireworks,” the use of means to kill this numb emotion and pain by the simple fact. at the push of a button, during the first war broadcast on television, in the midst of the invasion of Iraq, he said, “Welcome to the new era of barbarism.

Maffesolli, the social theorist who is considered the Foucault of today, also called the stage of our present time as “the time of the tribes, the age of the new barbarism”.


I’ll move on to talking about Metaverse.

In the previous column, I said that the Metaverse is the process of worshiping and deifying human beings by inventing a parallel universe and a parallel self.

In this column, I want to draw your attention again to the basic philosophical issues, but at the same time, if we have to, we have to think about how we can transform it and how we can use it in the way. more efficient.

Metaverse in fact, to put it succinctly, is an alluring virtual universe prison.

The metaverse is what the lords of capitalism invented in order to further exploit the world, to further develop their capital, to strengthen their power by pushing the masses even further, by taking them away from the world, by alienating them from the problems of the world. and more importantly of their own world, that is, to lead the masses to the brink of absurdity and nihilism.

The metaverse will replace the Internet: the virtual world will become real, it will have the real world wrapped around its finger, it will turn people into clowns.

The world of Metaverse is a world of escape and exploitation. It is a place and an opportunity of escape for the masses who are drawn into the abyss of nonsense, namely nihilism, and a new possibility and space of exploitation for the soulless capitalists.

Can we say that we shouldn’t miss the metaverse? There are those who say that if we cannot exist in the Metaverse world, we can escape the possibilities of the Metaverse just as we lack technology. There is rightly a new situation and we need to reverse this new situation if possible, and if that is not possible, we need to think about how we can transform it in the most effective way that would serve us.