Turkey cannot move forward without clashing, the West

Let me first start this column with a shocking fact: we are the passengers of a ship that lost its compass in the middle of a stormy sea, trying to find its way and its orbit and save its soul, and “we” are not the captains of this “ship”.

This is why Turkey cannot go far without confronting itself, its spiritual roots, its own historical experience and the West.

No society can make history by imitating other societies or civilizations; He can’t even carve out a place in history.

The children of a society with generations that are afflicted with an inferiority complex, drawn into shallow, routine and hedonistic dead-ends and who have become slaves to postmodern global popular culture and seductive, self-defeating mental patterns can’t even survive, let alone offer anything to the world.

Turkey’s most fundamental problem is superficiality: all segments approach each other with incredible hostility and hatred!

Each segment fights to protect itself and its place. The traits of righteousness, law, justice, fraternity, solidarity, sharing, coming together in pain and sorrow, unity in joy and happiness, and enthusiasm are rapidly disappearing…

It is inevitable that the main problem in Turkey is superficiality and prejudice.

Because our ties with the West and our relationship with Islam (that is, with our own spiritual roots) are simulative and cyclical!

Simulator that is superficial, false and superficial.

It takes shape according to the cyclical winds.

This is why we have not been able to face the problem of westernization.

That’s why we didn’t talk about the quality of our Islam, we never discussed it.


What happened in the country was not Westernization, but a “social engineering project,” as Nilüfer Göle determined in his pioneering study years ago. None of the projects called civilization, secularization, westernization and modernization had any real equivalent; It was tempted to be imposed as a top-down engineering project.

To this end, educational institutions were secularized and a frightening project of social and cultural engineering that colonized minds was set in motion.

Was the aim to modernize as claimed; Or cut ties with Islam?

The alphabet revolution, the language revolution, the legal revolution and the educational revolutions have caused the children of this country to lose their claim to civilization and their consciousness of history: which has been experienced was “cultural denial”, as Tanpınar aptly defined it. this. A radical cultural denial, by the way. Turkey drifted before the blowing winds, turning away from an actor who pushed the story forward and was instead transformed into a mere extra in the story made by others…

Şevket Süreyya Aydemir, the founder of Kadro magazine and its movement, which raised the leading cadres of secular Turkey, openly admitted the destruction in one of his latest books, titled Revolution and Kadro: We Destroyed Everything, But there was nothing we could do to replace it.

It was inevitable, all attempts at cultural denial would inevitably end in cultural suicide.

The same thing had happened in Turkey.

In fact, there were a few decent Europeans who warned us. We could have at least listened to them, right? I would like to end the article with the observations of one of these people.

Austrian Chancellor Metternich was one of them, perhaps the most prominent of them.

It is worth reading and re-reading emphasizing the following striking observations by Metternich, which reveal that he knows us better than some of us know ourselves, or know everything in fact, but that they act with cynicism:

“The empire is weakening day by day. Why should you hide it? The mentality of Europeanization is at the forefront of the reasons that have led it to this state. The foundations of this mentality were laid by Selim III, whose profound ignorance and endless imagination drove Mahmut II to the brink. Our advice to the Sublime Porte is this: base your government on respect for your religious laws. The basis of your existence as a state, the strongest bond between the sultan and Muslim subjects, is religion. Obey the times, take into account the needs of the age. Get your administration in order. But do not demolish the old ones to replace them with establishments that will not suit you at all. Do not borrow from European civilization laws which are not in conformity with your laws and regulations. The basis of Western law is Christianity. Let’s stay Turkish. Don’t make a law you can’t enforce. Continue on the path you deserve. Do not listen to the words of the West.