Top movies and TV shows on Hulu and Prime Video this weekend (March 12, 2022)

From long-awaited season premieres to overlooked horror films that have time to shine, here’s what you should be streaming on Hulu and Prime Video.

As spring 2022 fast approaches, streaming services are unveiling their next wave of original programming, from postmodern horror stories to the latest generation of sitcoms. Hulu and Prime Video are among the leading digital platforms, compiling an impressive library of licensed content, steadily producing their own wave of big-budget original movies and TV series in this new era of prestige television.

Here are all the best movies and shows that were recently available to stream on Hulu and Prime Video in March 2022, from dormant hits audiences may have missed the first time around to acclaimed new shows and movies that launched this month- this.

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Fresh shows Sebastian Stan in a new light

Sebastian Stan in Hulu's Fresh

As Hulu audiences explored a tougher take on fan-favorite actor Sebastian Stan as drummer Tommy Lee in the acclaimed miniseries Pam and Tommy, Stan gets a new Hulu project to kill him with his performing chops — literally. The horror movie Costs a Stan portrays a charming man named Steve, courting a new girlfriend while possessing a deadly secret.

Previewed at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, Costs is a fuller showcase for Stan’s acting lineup, playing on her family image from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to mold her into a character as charismatic as he is terrifyingly confident. Without going into the details behind the full scope of CostsAccording to the premise of the horror film, modern encounters are as focused as its scares.

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How I Met Your Father seems to end strong

How I met your father Sophie Jesse

how i met your father The Season 1 finale will take place next week, with the romantic mystery surrounding the identity of Sophie’s baby daddy only getting more complicated. Sophie’s big flirtation with Jesse eventually culminated in a kiss between them, but, as Sophie breaks up with her current boyfriend Drew, Jesse’s ex-girlfriend resurfaces to make Sophie’s decision all the more uncertain. .

It’s the perfect time to catch up how i met your father before the Season 1 finale airs, providing viewers with clues about the show’s mystery while keeping an eye out for additional Easter eggs and hints of how I Met Your Mother. how i met your father has generally improved as its first season has progressed and hopefully the season will end on a strong note as it sets up its second season.

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The boys are always as good as they come

The Boys Billy Butcher

The beginning of the month saw the premiere of The boys: diabolical, an animated spinoff of the Prime Video adaptation of the darkly irreverent comic book series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. After browsing through the anthology of wacky cartoon stories inspired by the comics and the main TV series, now is the perfect time to revisit The boys and remember why it’s one of Prime’s most popular original shows in the first place.

While The boys Season 3 ended last September, the season is not expected to air until June, while a fourth season has been ordered by Prime Video. This gives audiences plenty of time to rewatch the first two seasons of the show while Diabolical is still fresh in their minds, especially with The boys showrunner Eric Kripke confirming that DiabolicalThe season finale is considered canonical to the main series.

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Oculus takes viewers back to the early days of Mike Flanagan

Oculus 2013

One of the most acclaimed horror filmmakers in gaming today is Mike Flanagan, creator of TV series like The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass and feature films like Doctor Sleep. One of Flanagan’s first projects, the 2013 independent horror film Oculusarrived to stream on both Hulu and Prime Video for those who may have missed it.

With Karen Gillan, Katee Sackhoff and a pre-Titans Brenton Thwaites, Oculus follows a pair of siblings who discover the haunted mirror that ruined their family when they were children. Featuring tropes and themes familiar to Flanagan’s other horror work, Oculus is an effective horror film that shows what a skilled storyteller Flanagan was, even early in his career. Beautifully filmed and a masterclass in building cinematic tension, Oculus remains an overlooked gem in Flanagan’s catalog.

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The second season of Upload is finally here

Greg Daniels, who developed the American version of Officeunveiled its latest television series To download in 2020, and Season 2 is finally here. Starring Robbie Amell, the show follows a young man who is struck by a serious accident and wakes up in a digital afterlife, with micro-transactions and unforeseen issues to shape his out-of-body experience.

To download Season 2 is expected to complicate the love triangle between Nathan d’Amell, his girlfriend Ingrid, and his digital media manager Nora. As Ingrid downloads herself into the digital world of Lakeview to reunite with Nathan, the youngster isn’t quite as alone in the digital afterlife, but there are still plenty of problems to solve as the presumably happy couple get together. installs in this constructed reality.

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