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Top 5 Most Popular Jamaican Restaurants in Las Vegas, Nevada | restaurant review

This list is based on feedback from previous customers.


5. Jammyland cocktail bar and reggae cuisine

Jammyland displays the true spirit of Jamaican culture. The environment is clean, with intense air conditioning and soothing yellow lighting. The food is authentic, with an upscale twist on local favorites—like jerk chicken and pork chops marinated in lime juice and patties.

4. House of the Dutch Pot Las Vegas

When it comes to authentic Jamaican cuisine, House of Dutch Pot in Las Vegas, Nevada is the place to be. The restaurant serves such a wide selection of food that it would be hard to find better in the whole city. This place has it all, from delicious seafood dishes and succulent barbecued ribs to savory stews and delicious desserts.

3. Bahamian Breeze

Bahama Breeze offers the best Caribbean cuisine in Las Vegas. The restaurant is fun and casual for everyone. They offer authentic Jamaican recipes and offer a wide variety of dishes straight from the islands!

2. Vybz Jamaican Bar and Grill

Culture is at the heart of the Jamaican Vybz. An atmosphere of refined eccentricity, artistic expression and island-inspired musicality offers an authentic taste of reggae to all guests, without leaving the United States. The décor is a tribute to Jamaica’s rich history and cultural diversity. Yet one of the most remarkable aspects of our restaurant is the sense of community you feel the moment you enter. Jamaican Vybz brings together the best of the Caribbean with a touch of Las Vegas.

1. Paradise Place Jamaican Cuisine

Looking for a great place to eat in Las Vegas? Caribbean cuisine has the unique ability to warm you deeply. Don’t let this gem get away. Perfect for when you don’t want to cook but still want something delicious. Paradise Place’s Jamaican cuisine looks and tastes as wonderful as its name!