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The World Isn’t Waiting For ‘Deadpool 3’ To Destroy ‘Morbius’

Because most movies that rely on popular culture allusions face a difficult balancing act to not date themselves too quickly, there are plenty of trends that are currently popular this week that will be obsolete by the time end of the month. We are confident, based on Morbius’ (and completely ironic) enduring popularity, that Dead Pool 3 can take the sony blockbuster to task.

The “Morbin’ Time” phenomenon has not escaped Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who say they were not aware of it while working on the Marvel Cinematic Universe first R-rated movie. Ryan Reynolds is a fan and a producer, so it’s not out of the question.

As soon as the news got around Morbius had joined the screenplay-writing process for Dead Pool 3fans of both Marvel’s Morbius and Merc with a Mouth by Ryan Reynolds had their fingers crossed.

Of course, a major difficulty is that Dead Pool 3 shouldn’t be filming until next year. Unless sony decides that bombing twice in theaters is still reason enough for a sequel, Morbius’ Day in the Sun will be over by 2024, assuming they release the movie that year.

However, given that we expect the unexpected from Wade Wilson, nothing is out of place.