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‘The Romps of Bognor’ offer their art in a major Chichester exhibition

Howard Romp Pauline Farrington and Oscar Romp in front of a painting by Howard Romp – Photograph by Andrew Churchill

The Romps of Bognor: Howard Romp, Pauline Farrington, Oscar Romp runs from October 25 to November 6.

Sophie Hull, President of Oxmarket Contemporary, said: “By presenting this exhibition and the accompanying book, Oxmarket Contemporary continues to present unsung artists whose work deserves to be better known and to help them on the scale artistic. Collectors now have the opportunity to own rarely seen pieces. Purchases from all of our exhibits and shop not only support artists, but help fund us as a charity and support more artists of all visual mediums in the future.

Gallery director Andrew Churchill first met the artists in the summer of 2021: “Howard and Pauline visited an exhibition I had curated and as we chatted it was clear they were all both artists. Howard passed me a business card for The Romp Family which included a website. After they left, I took a look at their site. I was amazed by what I saw. Museum-quality works by the three active members of the artistic family, produced over several decades. I quickly arranged to visit them in Bognor Regis, amused by the message from the answering machine that told me I had reached ‘Romps of Bognor!’ It has become the title of an exhibition that features the art of Howard Romp, Pauline Farrington and their son Oscar. Howard Romp, born in London in 1939, and Pauline Farrington, also born in London a year later, have been together since their studies at Camberwell School of Art. Their second child, Oscar, studied at the Royal College of Art and completed numerous wall commissions and residencies and exhibited frequently in Europe.

“However, Howard and Pauline, now both in their 80s, have remained largely hidden. After seeing their work crammed into every wall, corner, shelf, and surface of the family home, I kept wondering, “How have I not heard of these artists before? It was like discovering a Picasso family on the south coast! The answer was actually quite simple. Both Howard and Pauline had worked in art education and had largely chosen not to engage in the commercial art world. However, this lack of commercial support did nothing to hinder the ambitions of their work.

“Howard’s work clearly shows an artist with great control, depth and creativity. Howard’s work extends through painting, assemblages, collage, sculpture. Pauline, whose role as a working mother often meant she had less time to do her own work, nevertheless produced a body of work that evolved from her paintings of female students at Camberwell towards a uniquely female perspective. about watching and being watched. Their son Oscar, alongside his commands, has more recently focused on two different areas of work. He sketches live dancers in London jazz clubs, working on the dance floor while people dance around him. And it uses the same live drawing approach to South Coast Beaches and Arundel Wetland Trust.

The exhibition runs from Tuesday October 25 to Sunday November 6 and is also online.​​​​​​​