The left has a race and a gender, but no class

Jhe postmodern triumvirate of race, gender and class has been torn apart. The split seems irreparable and permanent.

Although leftists talk obsessively about race and gender, they now rarely mention class. Tune into NPR, an accurate gauge of superficial ideological fashion, and in a sentence or two, the story you hear will turn out to be even more jaw-dropping about “transphobia” or racism. There is nothing for the millions of blue collar workers.

Some old Democratic warriors, including President Joe Biden, still invoke class divisions as if they were still real motivations. But don’t be fooled by “high-paying union jobs.” This is not about sympathy or understanding of working class concerns, but simply a cover to siphon off taxpayers’ money from the pockets of organized workers. It’s about funding political paymasters who put money back into the coffers of the Democratic Party.

America’s “deplorable” workers have become a deeply uncomfortable subject for the left because an honest discussion of class exposes the dishonesty of progressive dogma about race and gender.

It is fatal to the religious pieties of the left on critical race theory and “white privilege” that there have been and still are penniless whites. Data, facts and photographs demystify them. Critical race theory sees all whites as hopelessly privileged oppressors of darker races. If white people have often been very poor too, or have themselves been enslaved by darker-skinned people, as they have, then the superficial fashion orthodoxy of the left breaks down. The existence of oppressed and impoverished white people in American and world history give the lie to the racist garbage that dominates left-wing thinking.

Likewise for gender. It is wealthy white people who most often propagate the left’s dictates on gender identity. Upper-middle-class liberals, comfortable in their expensive homes and other material circumstances but not in their white skin, simply won’t point out that the Emperor has no clothes. They can’t recognize what everyone knows – that men can’t give birth, that biological men shouldn’t compete in women’s sports, that it’s inappropriate for them to be in women’s locker rooms, and that sexualized drag shows for elementary school kids are predatory, perverse, and evil. Put such nonsense to ordinary workers and you will get a straight answer.

The ideological spiel drives working-class voters, including blacks and Hispanics, away from the Democratic Party. He no longer represents them. For many years, he showed contempt for their concerns. Racial minority workers are like their fellow citizens in that they are primarily driven by economic issues, and when they are culturally driven, it is primarily in a traditional direction, not toward radical innovation . Race and gender are irrelevant.

Until fairly recently, race, class and gender seemed to be the three horsemen of the woke apocalypse, crashing side by side against the shaking defenses of culture and traditional values. But one of the horsemen has now deviated and galloped across the political battlefield to join the other side.

The hideous three became the ridiculous two.