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The bookseller – Rights – Picador signs Clein’s “fierce and infinitely curious” investigation into eating disorders

Picador signed an “electric, ferocious and infinitely curious” investigation into eating disorders by Emmeline Clein.

Editorial director Andrea Henry has acquired the rights for the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, excluding Canada, to Dead weight by Claire Roberts of Claire Roberts Global Literary Management, on behalf of Monika Woods of Triangle House. It was pre-empted in the US by Vanessa Haughton at Knopf and will be released concurrently in the spring of 2024.

The editor explained: “Emmeline Clein’s own story about eating disorders began when she was just 12 years old. Dead weightalongside her own experience and through the stories of other women – famous people across time and popular culture, girls she has known and loved – she traces the medical and cultural history of anorexia, bulimia and orthorexia.

“In electric, fierce, and endlessly curious writing, Clein investigates the economic conditions that underlie our eating disorder epidemic, grapples with the myriad ways in which disordered eating has affected his own friendships and relationships. love affairs, and sheds light on how today’s feminism has been complicit in the eating disorder culture. Through it all, she challenges the accepted narratives that women absorb about themselves every day, unearthing the pernicious messages that link female worth to inhabiting an ever smaller form.

Clein is a writer whose reviews, essays and features have appeared in outlets such as the Smithsonian, News Feed, Vicethe Nation and Illuminated Hub. Her work explores the intersection of eating disorders, dietary culture, and contemporary feminism, blending history, cultural critique, and memoir.

She said: “From childhood, girls are taught to distrust and subvert our appetites in pursuit of a beauty ideal grounded in misogyny and racism. I’m so excited to work with Picador on a book that will explore the artifacts, icons, ideology and epidemiology of this dangerous culture of disordered eating, in hopes of emerging from the other side with new communal and feminist understandings of our bodies.”

Andrea Henry, Editorial Director of Picador, said: “Our relationship with food, and how women’s bodies look and function, is a subject that never escapes our notice. In a world where young people live so much online and are offered unattainable beauty standards and absorb dangerous messages about the need to be thin, it’s important to explore where we are now. Dead weight is a much-needed updated look at our eating disorder culture in the age of the internet. It’s fresh, urgent, and quite amazing writing. We are delighted to welcome Emmeline Clein to Picador.