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His Black Book, Original Spin, The Pool Collective, Michael Cassel Group, The Digital Picnic, ABC, Art Pharmacy

His black book has the opportunity of a fulltime Mid-Senior Graphic Designer in sydney. You will work with Net-A-Porter, Zimmerman, Manning Cartell, Ksubi, SneakerBoy, The Iconic, ASOS, Stylerunner, Nike, lululemon, ModelCo, Sephora. You are a graphic design superstar who will join this savvy team and create digital visuals for offers and promotions on the app, […]

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Hello Kitty prepares for a global takeover

The Japanese company behind Hello Kitty and its entourage of a dandy frog and an evil penguin wants the world to spend 300 billion cumulative hours with its characters by the end of 2031. If Sanrio succeeds in restoring the fortunes of Japan’s beloved character – an icon of the country kawaii, or cute popular […]

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Psychological reason why you are a Wordle “hater”

Wordle is a board game that you can only play once a day. Pragya Agarwal, The Independent If you haven’t met Wordle yet, we can’t be friends. Unless you’ve lived somewhere far from civilization, and on no social media, then that’s excusable. But, otherwise, you couldn’t have missed this online game that has taken the […]

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KAWS launches its first major solo exhibition in London

Artist KAWS launches his first major solo exhibition in London, NEW FICTION, KAWS (Brian Donnelly b.1974) at the Serpentine. It will present new and recent physical and augmented reality works from January 18 to February 27, 2022. Brooklyn-based KAWS is considered one of the most innovative artists of his generation The exhibition is curated by […]


BMW’s Color-Changing Car ‘Criminals Will Love’ Says Commentator

In this week’s commentary update, readers debate BMW’s updated iX electric SUV and discuss other important stories. The BMW car brand has unveiled a version of its iX SUV that can change color from black to white to suit the mood of the driver. Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, the concept car is wrapped […]

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And just like that, no one has sex anymore – but why? | Arwa Mahdawi

Sign up for Patriarchy Week, a newsletter on feminism and sexism sent out every Saturday (Not a lot) of sex in town And just like that, no one has sex anymore. Middle-aged people don’t have much. Young people don’t have much. Japanese people don’t have much. The British or Australians or American. Over the past […]

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University of Minnesota Project Offers Online Portal on Mexican-American Art

The rhizome, an underground plant stem that can grow horizontally or upward, flows in a non-linear, often surprisingly fashion. This unpredictable botanical miracle inspired a joint project between the University of Minnesota and the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. “Rhizomes of Mexican-American Art Since 1848” is an open source online portal that currently houses […]

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Valley News – Column: Trump’s unlikely legacy: More and more people now care about the facts

As the nation continues to recover from the ravages of the Trump presidency – our diminished reputation in the world, a crippled economy, escalating race relations, a setback in the fight against climate change – there is a positive development of which Donald Trump can take the credit. : It turns out that many Americans […]


16 new musicians and groups to know in 2022

2021 may not have been the triumphant rebound in music we all hoped for when concerts and festivals were halted due to last year’s roller coaster, but despite unfavorable circumstances, performers continued to innovate. Some of the best tracks of the year have come from little-known newcomers like Daine and Gayle, while talents like Mia […]

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How the first “viral” media sparked a peasant uprising in Germany

The Protestant Reformation was a period of religious and political upheaval caused by corruption in the Roman Catholic Church. With the dissolution of medieval feudalism in the early 16th century, newly proletarianized workers and peasants experienced many of the same inequalities. In the German-speaking regions of central Europe, former serfs flocked to booming cities while […]


Year of dance in review: the most inspiring pandemic pivots of 2021

Maggie Carey and Ian Buchanan of Smuin Contemporary Ballet perform “(I love you) for sentimental reasons” at the Bruns Amphitheater in Orinda on May 9th. Photo: Scott Strazzante / The Chronicle If you’re looking for hope in these uncertain days, you might find it in the resilience of the Bay Area dancers and choreographers on […]


What if uprooting was the cause of our discomfort?

We are uprooted from our soil like trees in a hurricane, separated from our extended family, local community, and the natural world. Witness the plight of Gen Z, born in the mid to late 1990s, who were expected to play hopscotch all over the United States in their lifetime, holding 18 jobs, spanning six careers, […]

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Make Peace With Your Internet Passwords – Forbes Advisor UK

We’ve all been there. Eager to quickly log in to check your bank balance or to checkout while shopping online, you reach the “enter password” step – and your mind goes blank. The next (boring) step is to reset your password. To make it easier to remember next time around, it’s tempting to fall back […]