Summer Swing Nights – 5th Anniversary

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Big band live music entertainment swing party

Outdoor big band dance concert at a vintage car museum

Swing all night at the Driving Museum in El Segundo for a live show featuring The Swing Tones, our live band, food, vendors, dance lessons +

We keep alive high quality music experiences, interactive dance concerts from a bygone era. For mr, SSN is the flagship show and a chance to showcase our pure Swing Tones sound.

—Aaron Jacobs

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, Aug. 1, 2022 / — The Swing Tones return for Summer Swing Nights – 5th Anniversary

Spend the night at the El Segundo Driving Museum for a live show featuring The Swing Tones and The Swing Tones 7-Piece Big Band.

Summer Swing Nights is back for the 2022 summer season and has announced new event dates for August 12, 13 and 14. Now in its fifth year, this “swingafied” musical series features a seven-piece band, swing dancing and The Swing Tones. The Swing Tones take you back to the days of vocal jazz by blending big band sounds and nostalgic tunes from the swing era, with tight vocal harmonies and postmodern twists.

Executive producer and founder Aaron Jacobs says it’s the ultimate big band experience available to all generations in Southern California. “We keep alive high-quality musical experiences, interactive dance concerts from a bygone era,” said Jacobs. “For me, SSN is the flagship show and a chance to showcase our pure Swing Tones sound.”

Marisol Rios, Executive Director of the Zimmerman Automobile Driving Museum, said, “The Zimmerman has been a proud supporter of Summer Swing Nights since its inception in 2018. Big band and dancing have brought musical history to our museum, which is primarily composed of American vehicles, perfectly for the era portrayed throughout the concert! Visitors who come to see the show are always delighted to have such a beautiful setting and we are always delighted to hear swing music surrounding these historic vehicles. We look forward to continuing to support Summer Swing Nights!

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, musical performances came to a halt, but not for Jacobs or The Swing Tones. Jacobs says the experience was tough, but with help from ADM and the LA Swing Dance Posse, the team produced several outdoor shows. Now that vaccines are readily available and mask mandates have been lifted in Southern California, the Swing Tones are back and better than ever. “It was amazing,” says Jacobs. “That’s what we’ve been missing in our lives during the big quarantine. Nothing beats the live music experience, without auto-tuning or synthesized sounds.”

Tickets for Summer Swing Nights 2022 go on sale June 7 at Tickets start at $35. Prices go up at the door. SSN2022 follows LA County’s COVID-19 guidelines.

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Also featured on NBC4’s California Live and KPFK’s Soul Rebel Radio on NPR
LEARN MORE ABOUT SWING TONES: Swing Tones debuted at Summer Swing Nights in 2018 at the Driving Museum in El Segundo with a mission to preserve the legacy of big band and swing music while modernizing the experiment with some modern twists. Highlighting vocal harmonic sounds such as “The Andrews Sisters” and “The Manhattan Transfer”, The Swing Tones also take modern tunes and “swingify” them, like the popular postmodern Jukebox.

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE ZIMMERMAN DRIVING MUSEUM: Founded in 2002, the Driving Museum is a vintage car museum located in the El Segundo Industrial Zone that focuses on American automotive history. Its mission is to “collect, preserve, exhibit and ride in historic vehicles”. The museum offers lessons, car exhibits and rides for its guests in its extensive collection of over 130 vintage and collectible vehicles!

LEARN MORE ABOUT SWING DANCE POSSE: LASDP is a nonprofit organization established to honor the contributions of African Americans to vernacular jazz dance through performance and education. They teach the history of these styles, spanning from the 1800s to the present day. This provides an opportunity to fill knowledge gaps in the history of swing dancing, a history deeply rooted in black culture. Our mission is to educate, preserve, promote, teach and perform vernacular jazz dances such as Savoy Swing, Charleston and Lindy Hop.

“One of LA Swing Dance Posse’s biggest highlights is performing with the Aaron Jacobs Productions at the El Segundo Automotive Museum. The music, vintage car dancing and great food. We love doing part of the fundraiser. Thank you Aaron Jacobs and looking forward to a great show”
– Arthur White, President, LASDP Foundations

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