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Sonic Adventure 2’s Plot Is Stranger Than You Remember

With sonic the hedgehog 2 in theaters and a Knuckles miniseries announced along the way, it’s important to look at the post-2D era of Sonic and the weird directions the series has taken in terms of storytelling. While each Sonic storyline has been unique, games like Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, raging decibellsand the Sonic Adventure the titles were criticized for odd story choices. Still, their weirdness is what makes them fun to return to years later, and their country character contrasts with the more cartoonish nature of today’s Sonic games.

The new release sonic the hedgehog 2 throws a bombshell during his post-credits scene. Given an extensive explanatory scene explaining the origins of GUN, a reference to the Space Colony ARK in the after-credits scene, the reveal of Shadow, and a resurgence in popular culture of retro consoles like the Sega Dreamcast and Nintendo GameCube , it looks like Sega and Paramount will most likely try to faithfully adapt the game’s Shadow storyline. Looking at the lore that sonic the hedgehog 2 has already tapped, it’s odd that Paramount wants to dabble in adapting this story for a younger audience.


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Shadow’s story is probably most famous because of his flashbacks to Maria during Sonic Adventure 2, but the whole game is strange. The team obviously wanted to create an epic storyline featuring the sonic the hedgehog characters and designed something that is hard to look away from. Unlike the newer, streamlined look sound bordersdesign issues Sonic Adventure 2the wonky voice acting and intergalactic story all contribute to a wonderful mess of a game that’s aiming for the stars and is both silly and serious.

Sonic’s Story In Sonic Adventure 2 Is Weird

Sonic Adventure 2 running from the cops

Sonic Adventure 2The story of is divided into two distinct parts – a “Heroes” story featuring Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails, and a “Dark” story featuring Shadow, Rouge, and Dr. Eggman. While Shadow’s origin story is more fleshed out than Sonic’s story, half of the game still takes place from Sonic’s perspective, and there are some weird plot points to boot. At the start of the game, Sonic was captured by a military organization called GUN after being mistaken for Shadow. Sonic must continually clear his name, break out of prison, and evade the police, who have put a bounty on him and his friends.

Much of the game’s first half consists of Sonic escaping from Dr. Eggman to harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds. However, as Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Amy all focus on stopping Eggman, the game turns into a global adventure spanning from San Francisco to Egypt to a remote space colony. Hero’s story is always set one step behind Dark’s story, with the game’s entire story relying more on Shadow and Robotnik’s past.

Sonic Adventure 2 and the origins of Shadow The Hedgehog

Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Meets Shadow

At the start of the game, Eggman breaks into a military base to find top-secret information about his grandfather Gerald Robotnik’s research, hoping it will help him take over the world. There he finds Shadow, who tells him to meet him on the Space Colony ARK. Eggman, Rouge, and Shadow then meet on the Space Colony with the Chaos Emeralds and stage a power play, blowing up half the moon in the process while participating in the Chao Races. While Eggman’s plan is to use all the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Adventure 2 to force everyone to bend to his power, Shadow’s plan is shrouded in mystery.

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Maria, the girl who appears in Shadow’s flashbacks throughout the game, is integral to understanding Shadow’s angst as well as its origins. Maria suffered from a fictional disease called NIDS and was quarantined on the Space Colony ARK so someone could find a cure. While there, Gerald created both a being called the Biolizard and Shadow as prototypes of the “ultimate life form”. Shadow remained on the ARK while Gerald continued his research, and so Maria’s only companion was a sentient hedgehog.

Space Colony ARK and Gerald Robotnik have a haunting history in Sonic

Maria Robotnik and Shadow in Sonic Adventures 2

While Gerald Robotnik continued his isolated research on the Sonic illnesses of knowledge, his state of mind began to deteriorate. Eventually the ARK was attacked by GUN and Gerald was captured. Maria was able to save Shadow but not herself, likely dying in the space colony shortly after activating an emergency chute. With Shadow having returned to earth, he swears revenge on humanity for their actions and plans to carry out Gerald’s plans for himself.

In the game’s final chapter, a haunting video of Gerald plays while tied to a chair, implying that he faces a firing squad for his experimentation. Gerald explains that he had rigged the entire colony to fall out of space after collecting all the Chaos Emeralds as an act of revenge against the people of Earth. Shadow only changes his mind when Amy tells him they have to fight for the people of Earth and remembers Maria wanted the same.

Sonic Adventure 2 Final Boss Has Sonic & Shadow Fight A Giant Lizard

Sonic Adventure 2 Super Sonic and Super Shadow

At the end of Sonic Adventure 2 3D adventure, Sonic and Shadow must fight the Biolizard. Shadow is able to defeat the Lizard by crushing its survival tubes, but the colony begins to shake and the Biolizard reveals its true form. He teleports out of the ARK by expanding from a metal spire that has been connected to the ARK’s power source and sends him on a collision course towards Earth. Sonic and Shadow harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds and transform into Super Sonic and Super Shadow, battling the Biolizard outside the Space Colony.

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To make matters even stranger, Sonic and Shadow must evade the Biolizard’s laser and drone attacks as they fly through space, destroying the bulges on the lizard’s skin during the Great Song. live and learn plays in the background. Although Shadow will appear in future games, Sonic Adventure 2 makes it look like Shadow dies in the final fight, losing the power of the Chaos Emeralds after the Biolizard is defeated. Shadow’s final shot shows him hurtling towards Earth, finally understanding what it means to protect and love humanity.

These plot points are oddly unusual for a series that had never dealt with many serious issues, but they definitely leave an impact on the lore. After the era of the Sega Genesis and the Saturn, the push towards 3D in the Dreamcast era forced games to adopt a more cinematic storytelling. the Sonic Adventure the games have more complex storylines than their previous counterparts and rely heavily on cutscenes and dialogue. There hasn’t been a Sonic game with a simple plot since Sonic Maniaand the Sonic film series seems to follow his antics in the same way with a direct adaptation of Shadow’s backstory.

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