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Reflections: assessment of an exhibition of self-portraits | Free

Forty self-portraits by artists from the region gather the walls of the Reflections exhibition at the Trox Gallery, until May. The artists involved demonstrated a wide variety of self-image and creative expression.

Pops of vibrant color sit alongside dark graphite designs; the faces of experienced professional artists look at the playful self-portraits of local children. Poetry, paper beads, craft paper, thread and bones line the walls alongside more traditional painted and drawn media. Emporia State University faculty are well represented and deliver exceptional performances.

Art teacher Charity Woodard’s Selfie is a vibrant and uplifting piece in oil, featuring her smiling face in sunrise colors against birds in a line. Former Kansas Poet Laureate Kevin Rabas contributed his self-portrait as an atmospheric and somewhat melancholic poem, painting teacher Derek Wilkinson provided a stunning example of technical virtuosity in dark hooded charcoal drawing, and James Ehlers’ relief print Maybe If I Keep Drinking It Will Go Away juxtaposes a mundane afternoon pub outing with apocalyptic monstrosities.

Local art lovers will relish the opportunity to see the myriad ways artists view their reflections.

The exhibit is on view at the Trox Gallery and Gifts, 715 Commercial St., through May 28.