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Delhi’s art scene is once again accelerating, and the ongoing Awadh Art Festival is adding momentum to the same. Composed of a mixture of artistic approaches and different mediums, this collective exhibition, in its fourth edition, presents 172 works by 86 artists.

Among the lesser known and more seasoned artists, marauding the pandemic, we can find works by Ganesh Pyne, Paritosh Sen, Aruna Vasudev (author-film critic) and Deepti Naval (actor). Naval, exhibiting an oil on canvas portrait of a friend, says: “I did that when I was doing portraits. At that time, I wasn’t doing anything serious, it was more like enjoying the process of painting. I also did a lot of self-portraits, because I was the most available person for me. Baad mein mujhe laga ki mujhe dusron ki bhi portrait banani hai. I created portraits of my mother and some of my friends.

A painting by actor Deepti Naval is also part of the show.

And the works of Delhi-based artist sudakshina Ghosh address the many facets of nature. “I had to deal with nature and the idea that you have to live in harmony with it. Color and form gravitate towards nature as they have a calming influence on the mind. Many of these images date back to my childhood and help viewers return to their own childhood,” she says.

Each artist lives his own stay in this exhibition organized by Ratnpriya Kant and Neerajj Mittra. The curators say the festival’s vision is to bring together creative energies on a single platform to “inspire and heal the world with a powerful visual language”.

“The festival is organized to see two parallel artistic worlds in a single window that has senior artists, who inspire, and the young artistic force, to inspire. The display will create a symphony that aims to resonate in the viewer’s mind, even after one exits the exhibition area,” adds Mittra.

A work by artist Raj Balram exhibited as part of the collective exhibition.

“The art world is facing difficulties because of Covid-19. Artists have really struggled a lot, ”explains Arka Pradhan, organizer informing that the name of the festival comes from the fact that its creation was in Lucknow. He adds “In order to help artists get out of this situation, we are opening a big market in the form of a festival or an art fair, so that they can present their works to the general public”.

Catch it live

What: Awadh Art Festival 2022

Where: Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road

Until: February 28

Hours: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Nearest metro station: JLN stadium on the purple line, Jorbagh on the yellow line

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