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Portage’s mother and daughter open four-week art exhibition | Entertainment

Portage resident Joan Indermark examines artwork in the “Even When We Close Our Eyes” exhibit by Portage artists Brit and Bernadette Brownson Borcher at the Portage Center for the Arts on January 7, 2022.

Aaron Holbrook


A mother and daughter from Portage both share an artistic talent that they share every Friday in January with the rest of the community.

Bernadette Brownson Borcher and her daughter, Brit, filled the Drury Gallery at the Portage Center for the Arts with their artwork for the first time on Friday, January 7. The artists were not available due to scheduling conflicts, but information in a statement at The exhibit, “Even When We Close Our Eyes,” said their work was initially inspired by the sensations of the stars and the stars. lights seen when people close their eyes, the colors of nature during sunsets and domestic experiences.

“It’s really fun because it’s a mother and a daughter,” said Laura Johnson, president of the Portage Arts Council. “The girl is currently a master’s student. I knew her when she lived here and saw a lot of her work at the time. We thought of her for a gallery show and she asked if her mother, who was also a professional artist, could join her on this show. They collaborated on a lot of things and exchanged ideas. “

The artwork in the exhibition featured different color combinations, aspects of nature, and unique patterns. Bernadette Brownson Borcher began to draw inspiration from nature after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the statement said. The statement also indicated her influences from the long shadows and patterns at the bottom of her shoes.