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Patsy Zwahlen’s wildlife art featured in latest Gallery by the Lake exhibition

By Sudan Britton

The Gallery by the Lake is excited about its members’ current exhibit, “Zoo View,” which President Dan Plummer says includes works by a dozen area artists.

Exhibits include paintings, photographs, pen and ink drawings, mixed media works, and even a fabric-based piece by one of the Gallery’s newest members, Kat Bertrand.

Artist Patsy Zwahlen is a multi-talented and crafty artist who works with a variety of mediums, including acrylic paint. Patsy’s paintings in the show all feature animals in an abstract way. One of his artwork features a giraffe with a sly facial expression that draws attention to various age demographics.

Zwahlen expresses her creativity using vibrant colors and a semi-impressionistic style. She has created commercial art, flower arranging and landscaping.

“My studio is a mass of color and light; brushes, tubes and pots of paint, crayons and pastels make their way to paper and canvas,” Zwahlen said.

She applied mediums to work, allowing her talents to navigate the art world. Zwahlen’s 2022 “Zoo View” collection will showcase her drawing and painting skills and playful sense of humor as she shares samples of her portraits of animals, figures and abstract elements.

The “Zoo View” show runs through August 27 on the second floor of the historic City Hall Arts and Culture Center at 1001 Ryan St. Most of the artwork is for sale. Plummer said the awards will be on the wall tags next to each artwork.

“Each member exhibiting their work in the exhibit interpreted the ‘Zoo View’ theme in their own way,” Plummer said. “Some pieces were in the artists’ archives prior to the show, but most were created within the last year or month prior.”

The artworks in the current exhibition do not feature animals entirely. Plummer said patrons are encouraged to view other pieces — like the floral paintings done by artist Judy Newman — to find hidden features and depictions of the animals.