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Nine international artists will install murals in nine villages in July 2022

The first-ever county-wide mural festival held in New York State will take place this summer in Livingston County. Livingston County Economic Development is pleased to announce that the LivCo Walls Mural Festival will bring nine international artists to the area to paint large-scale murals in each of Livingston County’s nine historic villages during the month of July. Livingston County is creating something that didn’t exist before, bringing public art throughout the county to villages experiencing murals for the first time. The nine world-class muralists who were selected by competition to install these murals are:

Ivan Roque – Ivan J. Roque is a Cuban-American artist from Miami, Florida, passionate about the concepts of birth, death, time, renewal and social dynamics. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts and is primarily a spray paint and acrylic artist who has been painting murals internationally since 2010. Roque will be painting in the village of Avon.

Tim Parsley – Tim Parsley is a public artist, educator and professor of studio art at Saint Francis University, teaching courses in mural painting and public art. He has created numerous large-scale murals, both nationally and internationally, and uses references from American history in his work. Parsley will paint in Caledonia Village.

Arlin Graff – Arlin Graff is Brazilian, with a very distinct style that brings his abstract designs to life that seem to emerge from a digital work. Graff’s work represents a type of deconstructionism, inspired by his childhood and his art can be found all over the world, from Brazil to France. Graff will paint in the Village of Dansville.

KEY DETAIL – Internationally renowned KEY DETAIL is a husband-wife team. Andrei Krautsou and Julia Yu-Baba are wall artists who also work with paintings and illustrations, creating wall art for over twenty years. They are traveling with their two young children, Max and Andy. KEY DETAIL will paint in Geneseo Village.

Kacy Jackson – A native of Louisville, Kacy Jackson is best known for his brightly colored murals around Louisville, Kentucky, including one of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali. He launched his own business, The Art of Kacy, in 2017. Jackson will paint in the village of Leicester.

Abigail Penfold – Abigail Penfold is a hardworking artist/painter from East Aurora, New York who

mainly uses acrylics and oils. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Painting and Drawing from SUNY Plattsburgh and spent many years in California working for a trompe l’oeil mural painter while developing her own murals and canvases. Penfold will paint in the Village of Lima.

Justin Suarez – Born on a family farm in upstate New York, Justin Suarez is an artist who blends the rural and the urban. Celebrating wildlife, he perfectly paints flora and fauna on concrete and brick. With over 18 years of experience, he is able to capture the majesty of the natural world through his explosive graphics and remarkable technique. Suarez will paint in the Livonian Village.

0uizi – Louise Jones aka 0uizi (née Chen), was born and raised in Santa Monica, California, and is best known for her large-scale floral wall installations, often depicting site-specific plants and animals. His techniques are influenced by his training in drawing and printmaking, as well as an early introduction to Georgia O’Keeffe. 0uizi will paint in the village of Mount Morris.

Matthew Mederer – A self-taught artist, Matthew Mederer has been pushing boundaries and promoting original ideas through his works for over 20 years. His depth and breadth of his styles, ranging from graffiti to realism, helped him achieve original work with a signature style combining realism and optical illusions. Mederer will paint in the village of Nunda.

“We are investing in quality of life and quality of place in Livingston County,” says Downtown Coordinator Louise Wadsworth. “This project is talent-driven and showcases our amazing communities, making us the place of choice for people and business development,” Wadsworth said. These murals will contribute to the growing concentration of public artwork in our area as part of the Livingston County Inspirations Trail.

Each mural will be unveiled at a festival, one in each of the nine villages, over three weekends. “We see this festival as an opportunity for people who have never visited the area before to experience something new and exciting,” said Melissa Hughes, Livingston County Director of Tourism. The mission of the Inspirations Trail is to enhance and promote public art throughout Livingston County and the Genesee River Valley. “Take the opportunity to explore our county’s parks and trails, arts and culture, restaurant and craft beverage scene, and historic highlights when you visit for the Mural Festival,” says Hughes. The nine murals will be a visual part of each village, an icon people will recognize for years to come.

For more information on LivCo Walls muralists and their past artwork as well as information on festival events and mural locations in each village, visit or contact Livingston County Economic Development at 585-243-7124.