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New nasal spray effective against all variants – NewsGram

The nasal spray contains a chemical that can inactivate the coronavirus spike protein, which was produced by researchers at the University of Helsinki in Finland. The new molecule TriSb92 has been shown to protect against coronavirus infection for at least eight hours in cell cultures and animal tests, even under high risk exposure circumstances.

Unlike vaccine protection, the action of TriSb92 begins very immediately after administration.

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“In animal models, nasally administered TriSb92 offered protection against infection under exposure conditions when all unprotected mice were affected,” said Anna Makela, postdoctoral researcher at university. The findings have not yet been peer reviewed.

The TriSb92 molecule is based on a completely new technological technique for targeting biological agents that was created in Finland. The solution was used in the study to prevent the spike protein on the surface of the SARS-CoV-2 virus from functioning.
“Targeting the inhibitory impact of the TriSb92 molecule on a region of the coronavirus spike protein that is common to all variants,” said Makela.

Image showing how TriSb92 works.YLE / wikipedia

TriSb92 was able to stop the spread of SARS, the virus that attacked us in the early 2000s, in model viral tests.

“In other words, we can reasonably expect that future varieties of SARS-CoV-2, and possibly even completely new coronaviruses, will be susceptible to it,” Makela added.

The chemical could be used as a type of biological defense against coronavirus infection which is sprayed on the mucous membranes in the future if given as a nasal spray. “

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These types of infection prevention chemicals, or antiviral drugs for that matter, cannot replace vaccinations to protect people against coronavirus disease, ”said university professor Kalle Saksela.

However, there is an urgent need for new ways to improve the protection offered by vaccinations. “TriSb92 may be of benefit to patients whose vaccine protection is limited due to a variety of factors. It may also help fully vaccinated individuals when given prior to any setting with a high risk of exposure, depending on the condition. epidemic, ”Saksela said. (IANS / RP)

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