My Ride’ Must-Watch Short Snowboarding Diversity Film

The Ikon Pass has just released a fantastic short film titled My Ikon: My Journey.

It follows Russel Winfield, considered the first black professional snowboarder, and LJ Henriquez, an up-and-coming rider Winfield took under his wing.

The film gives me hope that the future of skiing and snowboarding will be more diverse.

I strongly encourage you to give him a watch and share it with a friend. It’s the kind of uplifting, motivating, inspiring and uplifting video we could all use right now.

Congratulations Ikon Pass, Jeremy Petit and all those who participated in its realization. Good work. 👏

Follow Russell Winfield on Instagram: @misterwinfield

Follow LJ Henriquez on Instagram: @lj_henriquez

iconpass: A LOVE STORY FOR COMMUNITY AND THE JOURNEY IT TAKES YOU TO Community, for some, is more than a bond but rather essential to success and happiness. For Russell Winfield and LJ Henriquez, motorcycling is their passion and the community behind them is their love. “That’s how snowboarding is – loose, fun and just hanging out with each other.” – Russell Winfield. “That’s what snowboarding is – everyone is coaching everyone. Age doesn’t matter, younger or older, we’re all here for each other. – LJ Henriquez. Russell’s loud east coast laugh is as recognizable as his unique styling and brightly colored custom board on the other side of the mountain. He grew up playing hockey in New York, but when he learned to snowboard in Vermont – in @Stratton Mountain – he was addicted. Russell looks back now, having crossed the country and hiked almost every bucket list destination along the way and realizes that he is probably the first black professional snowboarder. Decades later, after seeing the impact he’s had on the sport, his goal now is to pass on that love of snowboarding to a new generation of hopeful kids and continue to further merge urban culture. with sports. Based at @Crystal Mountain Resort, Russell prides himself on always being faster than everyone he rides with, but when he travels through Colorado and California, he slows down to spend time with his two daughters or other kids looking to ride. throwing in sports – “that’s it, that’s the good stuff.” One kid who fell on Russell’s radar a few years ago was LJ Henriquez – another East Coaster who was also born in New York like Russell and also a natural snowboarder. They connected via Instagram when Russell saw that LJ was at @Copper Mountain and new on the scene. Now, at 14, there is no slowing down and instead LJ is as quick and resilient as Russell and even more energy and airtime. Russell points out that although they only recently met and are many years apart, their shared love for the sport and their understanding of the early days of the East Coast unites them: “We both want just roll. We just want to get down, hit the side shots and have fun with each other on the mountain. Read their full story:…

— The video was directed by Jeremy Pettit, with images provided by Luis Medearis, @Ride Snowboards, and Steep Motion Movies. Photography courtesy of Trevor Graves (, Pierre Cirilli (, Matt Bistro (, Shawn Kalatucka ( and Ben Birk ( It was filmed at @Palisades Tahoe, @Stratton Mountain, @Crystal Mountain Resortand @BigBearMountainResort.”