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‘Micro-Con’ makes comedic return to Wildwood Cultural Center in Mentor – News-Herald

Once considered a menagerie of seemingly categorized fandom enthusiasts, comic book conventions continue to emerge as, arguably, dominant items on the pop culture radar, happily showcasing and celebrating multi-genre entertainment from diverse manners, including appearances, cosplay, talks, panels, and parties.

While the heavy hitters, notably San Diego Comic-Con, draw huge numbers each year, they have also, in turn, spawned thousands of other themed events that have evolved to include not just movies and TV shows. television, but also fantasy, manga, westerns, horror, fantasy, toys, novels, collectibles, anime and more.

It’s no surprise, then, that the influence of counters, reaching every corner, has landed at the Wildwood Cultural Center, 7645 Little Mountain Road in Mentor for the second time – the first since 2019, thanks to the novel coronavirus pandemic. .

Scott Wilson, the creator of The Flock Comic, was one of many vendors offering Wildwood Micro-Con, a full six-hour event, which also included music, dancing, superhero training and entertainment. food.

Other sellers included caricatures, fan and game art, and specialty treats, noted Nick Standering, director of the Wildwood Cultural Center.

Steve Reihner, left, and HH Jackson face off in a Pong match at the Wildwood Cultural Center March 26 during Micro-Con, a multi-genre entertainment event celebrating pop culture staples. (Chad Felton – The News-Herald)

Since its inception, Micro-Con has continued to evolve, with the addition of participation from many groups including Heroes Alliance Ohio, International Federation of Hikers – USS Challenger Cleveland Chapter, Ghostbusters Cleveland, Star Wars: Rebel Legion / 501st Legion and PRO II, Paranormal Investigators of Ohio, and more.

“We are always looking to bring new and creative events to Wildwood and decided on a Micro-Con because there is such great interest in our community and in northeast Ohio,” Standering said.

Supported by the Mentor Community Arts Commission, approximately 1,000 fans walked through the doors on March 26 to take part in the parallel universe.

Lord Vader threateningly greeted approximately 1,000 attendees at the Wildwood Cultural Center on Little Mountain Road in Mentor on March 26 during Micro-Con. (Chad Felton – The News-Herald)

Standering added that Micro-Con hopes to partner with a much larger event down the road.

For Wilson, who has been working on comics for five years, along with others in production, being part of the gala was almost a no-brainer.

“This event is a fun, unique, family event that people can enjoy,” he said. “I’ve been a huge[comic book]fan ever since my brother, Sean, brought home a stack from the library. We both grew up watching Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and we’re both big fans of Marvel and DC movies even before the blockbuster movies.

Wilson’s past experiences inspiring his projects ultimately led to the creation of Canada Bear, born with Sean and a childhood friend, Paul.

After serving as a helpful assistant to both creators, Wilson created “The Flock Comic,” which chronicles family, friends, and adventures told through “Golden Age-style” storytelling.

“Flock’s creative team is all over the world and I’ve met some amazing people in the business,” Wilson said. “Our artist, Gino, is from Indonesia, our flat colorist, Sheryl, is from Brazil, our colorist, Ichthys, is from Florida and I’m from Ohio – it’s global teamwork.”

In addition to the drawing appeal, Wilson noted that several mainstream artists offer their skills to make Micro-Con what it is, including Robb Bihun, another childhood friend, and Derek Drymon, the creative director. by SpongeBob SquarePants.

“I’ve been blown away by the support I’ve received from these artists,” Wilson said. “I loved these two guys who worked on network cartoons that I grew up watching. They’re my idols and I’m incredibly grateful to them.