Letter: You protest too much – InForum

Tony Bender’s recent column “Losing my religion” is inspired by an REM song title that has nothing to do with religion, but rather an old Southern saying having to do with going all out. of his rope where politeness gives way to anger – which is obviously where he is.

His loss of politeness (kindness) is evident in his sarcastic expressions towards those he best aims to understand through the ideas and beliefs expressed in his column that represent a “postmodern New Age” worldview.

His worldview is evident in his recognition of the importance of the “self” in determining truth and of one’s feelings in determining right from wrong. His credentials as a secular author and editor make him the authority on Bible truth. His near-death experience makes him the authority on reincarnation as a continuation of life after death. His library experience makes him an expert in the parallelism of spiritual paths with his fictional character making him a miraculous mathematician whose parallel lines somehow converge to a single point.

Well titled, Bender’s chronicle expresses his being at the end of his rope where politeness has given way to anger. However, I think he protests too much in that while he describes himself as a postmodern New Age, his exasperation really seems to be about his intolerance of those who don’t share his worldview.

Dwight Lysne lives in Wilmington, North Carolina

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