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Kasing Lung “-+” KaiKai Kiki Gallery Tokyo Art Exhibition

Kasing lung is a Hong Kong-born Belgian artist best known for his vibrant monster characters. He first achieved commercial success by collaborating with how2work for the release of Chinese picture books and collectible figurines between the years 2011 and 2013. Since then, Lung has expanded his practice to large-scale paintings that have toured the world.

After receiving a great response from her 2020 exhibition, “THIS IS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE” at Hidari Zingaro at Nakano Broadway, Lung will return to Japan in his first major solo exhibition, dubbed “-+” at the Kaikai Kiki Gallery. Lung will present 25 new paintings, including 3 meter high canvases on display.

The new suite of work revolves around the enigmatic characters Labubu and Zimomo, which were created by the artist to reflect his energetic and dynamic brushstrokes. “When I discover something new, I quickly take my pencil and draw everything on paper. It gives me enormous satisfaction,” the artist said in a statement.

“-+” will be on view at Kaikai Kiki Gallery in Tokyo from May 13 to June 2.

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Kaikai Kiki Gallery
Motoazabu Crest Building
B1F, 2-3-30 Motoazabu,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0046