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Gerardo Tan, Felicidad A. Prudente and Sammy N. Buhle: Andi taku e sana, Amung taku di sana / We are all present, it is our gathering – Announcements

Andi taku e sana, Amung taku di sana are the first lines of a sogna, a song performed by the Madukayan Kalinga ethnolinguistic group from the mountainous Cordillera region of the Philippines. This translates to “We all present, this is our gathering.” The chant is performed before a peaceful dialogue between members of the community. The act of coming together and being present as a community manifests a collective awareness of reaching a common aspiration, despite differences in interests and points of view.

Andi taku e sana, Amung taku di sana / We are all present, It’s our gathering is an exhibition that is part of an interdisciplinary approach to transmitting culture through sound and textiles, weaving the customary and the contemporary across the archipelago. It presents a highly mediated process of generating sounds, performances, images and objects by conveying the production and translation of the source cultural sounds of singing and weaving into notations, visual arts and textiles.

The exhibition presents a convergence of cultural expressions that creates spaces for inquiry into traditional and contemporary art forms. The first work, Speaking in Tongue, is a two-channel video installation presenting the translation of a traditional song into performative painting using squid ink as a medium. It is followed by Renderings, which shows the transmission of sound from traditional weaving practices remedied with video and textile material. Throughout the process of production, translation and rendering, the work lends itself to the agency of the artists through improvisation and open interpretation by the public, thus creating a space for investigation and exchange.

Yael Buencamino Borromeo
is Head of Programs and Audience Engagement at the Lopez Museum and Library and served as Director of the Manila Museums Summit 2021. Her professional interests include cross-disciplinary initiatives in cultural institutions and museum development. She was Founding Executive Director of Areté at Ateneo de Manila University (2017-2019) and Chief Curator of Ateneo Art Gallery (2007-2017). She holds an MA in Southeast Asian Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Arvin Flores holds an MFA graduate degree from the School of the Arts, Columbia University, New York NY, and a BFA from the College of Creative Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara. He is also co-director of Artery Art Space, an artist-run gallery in Manila since 2014. An artist practitioner, he has done independent curatorial work and writes as an extension of his creative and critical practice.

Sammy N.Buhle
comes from a family of weavers who taught him the art of weaving from an early age. Born in 1989 in Banaue, Ifugao, he acknowledges his grandmother, mother and father as his main influences in his practice. Buhle studied management accounting but decided to pursue her passion for weaving. He now manages the family weaving house and actively participates in textile fairs.

Felicidad A. Prudente is one of the leading Filipino ethnomusicologists in the Philippines. Having conducted field research over the years, she has published extensively on indigenous music in the Philippines. A graduate in piano and music education from St. Paul College in Manila, she pursued graduate studies in musicology with a specialization in ethno-musicology at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor where she was a visiting professor in 2004. She was professor of music at the University of the Philippines and consultant at the Philippine Women’s University.

Gerard Tan is a multimedia artist whose work deals with issues of representation and conceptual games. Since the 1980s, he has represented the Philippines in various international art exhibitions. His work is represented in the collections of various local and international national institutions. Her honors include a Fulbright-Hays Fellowship at SUNY Buffalo, Barbara Schuller’s Arts Associates Award at Buffalo, the 44th Western NY Exhibition, the Juror’s Choice Award from the Art Association of the Philippines, and a CCP 13 Artists Award from the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

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