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gamescom shines a light on the cultural importance of games – European Gaming Industry News

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Games aren’t just the most popular entertainment medium of our time – they’ve also made their way into the very heart of popular culture, with other media increasingly taking inspiration from games. Whereas in the past you might expect a movie to be made from a popular book, today people are writing books based on games, designing fashion inspired by games – creating even dances influenced by the games. In other words, whoever can impress the gaming community today will leave their mark on the world tomorrow. This year’s gamescom theme – “Games: At the Heart of Pop Culture” – highlights the cultural relevance of games. It’s not just popular culture that is shaped by games. Other areas – from digital companies and food retailers to automakers – are increasingly paying more attention to games and their communities. As a result, the cultural significance of computer and video games is playing an increasing role in driving innovation and economic growth.

“Games have long established themselves as a key driver of popular culture: streaming services are increasingly turning to game brands as the basis for new series and movies, books based on familiar games are filling shelves whole in bookstores and fashion brands produce clothing that goes with the games or is actually present in the games themselves. All of this goes to show that games are a major force shaping our times,” said Felix Falk, managing director of game – the german games industry association.

Trending: “The next generation of mobile games”

Smartphones have established themselves as one of the most successful gaming platforms around the world. Today’s devices are so good that they are suitable for even more complex games. Additionally, more and more familiar game series have released their own mobile versions, allowing them to reach millions of additional gamers. And with the help of cloud gaming, users can continue playing their favorite PC and console games on their smartphone while on the go. Better performance and more demanding games for mobile devices are also driving the growing trend of mobile esports. Teams and solo players are increasingly participating in gaming competitions using their smartphones. The trend, which had previously enjoyed its greatest success in Asia, has now taken hold in the rest of the world.

Trend: “Health through games”

Even before the coronavirus hit, many people used games to stay fit in their own living rooms. Today, computer and video games are increasingly used as a way to improve mental health. In fact, a new genre known as wholesome games has emerged which focuses on games whose more relaxed mode of play helps people relax and unwind from their daily lives. Additionally, computer and video games are increasingly being used in therapy, for example to help patients cope with pain, lessen the effects of dementia and support children with ADHD.

Many important political figures at gamescom

Gamescom has become one of the most important platforms for political dialogue on digital issues, and with the gamescom congress, political openness and the Debatt(l)e Royale, the show offers multiple meetings for these exchanges. This year’s gamescom will again welcome many high-profile political figures: from the start of the fair on Wednesday, various officials, including Vice-Chancellor and Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck and Hendrik Wüst, Minister-President of North Rhine-Westphalia, will take part in the political opening and the official tour. From 10:30 am on Thursday at gamescom, the gamescom congress will begin with its round table Debatt(l)e Royale. Here Kevin Kühnert (SPD), Mario Czaja (CDU), Emily Büning (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) and Bijan Djir-Sarai (FDP) will discuss current issues and the best digital and gaming policies for Germany. At gamescom on Friday, Claudia Roth, Minister of State and Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media, will visit the world’s largest computer and video game event to visit the various event spaces and discover the latest trends. .