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Ensemble and Pepper offer BTL exclusives

Together has partnered with Dynamo for Intermediaries and Crystal Specialist Finance to deliver a new buy-lease offer, while Pepper is partnering with 3mc to launch a range of exclusive homeowner mortgages.

Dynamo and Crystal are testing lowest 4.99% variable buy-to-lease mortgage rate.

The agreement has a maximum loan-to-value (LTV) of 70 percent.

Applications are accepted for vacation rentals, multi-occupancy houses (HMOs) and student rentals, as well as first-time buyers and owners, expats and non-UK nationals.

Ying Tan, Founder and Managing Director of Dynamo for Intermediaries, said, “Ensemble’s recent decision to start prudently increasing its lending volumes has been warmly welcomed by the industry and we are delighted to be able to further strengthen our relationship by offering our members this exclusive new product.

Jason Berry, Crystal Group Director of Sales and Marketing, added, “Together’s latest line of rental products not only responds to increasingly common loan requests, but also provides much-needed options for homeowners and owners. real estate investor clients who have seen the criteria tighten since the start of the year.

3mc offers an exclusive range of Pepper

Pepper Money offers a selection of limited liability company mortgages through 3mc.

The range includes five-year fixed rate products on the Pepper 48 range, at a 0.3% cheaper rate of return than the equivalent base range.

This means that the product is available at 3.55% up to 65% LTV, while up to 80% LTV the rate is 4.95%.

The exclusives also come with a free appraisal and have a maximum loan size of £ 500,000.

Doug Hall, Principal of 3mc, said, “These exclusives give brokers a real advantage over going directly to the lender.

“Not only do their clients get a 0.3% lower pay rate than the lender’s main line, they also get the added benefit of a free appraisal and at 3mc we have access direct to one of Pepper Money’s on-site virtual subscribers. . “

Paul Adams, Sales Manager at Pepper Money, added: “We are really excited to be working with 3mc on these exclusive products.

“There is currently a strong demand from rental owners who wish to acquire new properties before the end of the stamp duty holidays, and these products give brokers another option to help meet that demand. “