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DC made Superman movie’s worst joke a Justice League superpower

An oft-ridiculed plot point from Superman III debuts in Justice League Incarnate.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Justice League Incarnate # 3, now on sale

Justice League incarnate # 3 (by Joshua Williamson, Dennis Culver, Ariel Olivetti, Nik Virella, Todd Nauck, Mikel Janin, Andrei Bressan, Hi-Fi Design and Tom Napolitano) sees the Multiverse Team continue their hunt for the evil god Darkseid throughout the DC Multiverse . Things take an odd, metafictional turn when President Superman and Doctor Multiverse enter Earth 33, a universe that looks a lot like ours. Their physical laws do not allow overpowered beings to roam the earth, and superheroes are fictional characters that only exist in comics or comic book movies.

This leads to some exciting metafictional references, including a very unexpected one to the most infamous big-screen adaptations of Man of Steel. The new super couple managed to find an apartment, but without a job it made it as difficult a task as fighting Darkseid himself. Thankfully, Calvin Ellis being so smart that he managed to use Brainiac to acquire funds from an idea he pulled from a classic real-life Superman movie, referencing “something about it.” rounding errors “. The movie Calvin was referring to was obviously from 1983 Superman III led by Richard Lester, and “rounding errors” was the banking scheme developed by August “Gus” Gorman. The scheme itself has become quite infamous and has been referenced in movies and comics in the past.

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The way Gorman (played by legendary comedian Richard Pryor, who would originally have played in Brainiac) managed to use this get-rich-quick scheme when he noticed the salary of the other employee at the company for which it worked was rounded to the nearest cent. He began to divert the remaining pennies from those paychecks to his own account. Known as ‘salami slicing’ or ‘penny shaving’, the individual transactions are very small, but when applied to thousands of different accounts or paychecks, it can generate huge profits for the company. ‘author. That’s what happened to Gus, who casually showed up for work the next day in a Ferrari after receiving his $ 85,000 bonus check. Of course, the sums were notable for Gus’ boss and the film’s main antagonist Ross Webster, who ultimately made Gus work for him in other infamous plans.

Many other films relating to financial crimes and / or disgruntled employees would end up removing that exact point of the Superman III plot. The best-known example is the famous cult classic from 1999 Office space directed by Mike Judge (based on Judge’s comic, Milton). In the film, the three protagonists come up with their own version of the diagram (even the names Superman iii explaining it) after finding out that they and many others in their company would be made redundant. However, the virus they developed took a turn for the worse and ended up stealing $ 300,000 in company funds. This led them to believe that they would all go to jail until a fire started by Milton (played by Stephen Root) because of his stolen red stapler clears all evidence of the fraud.

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The program itself has also been tried in real life, with many equally disgruntled employees in a few large conglomerates. This has led cybersecurity and financial security companies to warn employers of such practices. The actual amount of benefit to be derived from it, however, is questionable and most perpetrators are subject to arrest. The fact that the diet was used in Office space shows how ridiculous the diet would be in real life. This would likely only lead to comedic traps for anyone trying out an idea that may look good on paper, only to end up badly.

Luckily for Calvin Ellis, his encounter with a DC Comics editor who later turns out to be Darkseid ultimately dragged him into another universe, freeing him from any potential legal repercussions. Yet the reference seems to indicate how Superman iii is. The film is often maligned but the film has many iconic moments (like Clark Kent fighting an Evil Superman) and its impact on popular culture can be felt by now and considering how many times it has been referenced it might be time for the comedic fandom to reassess its merit.

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