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Charlottesville City Council votes on future of Jackson’s “Stonewall” statue

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) – The recently removed Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson statue that once stood in Charlottesville will be sent to Los Angeles, Calif., To be part of an exhibit featuring disused Confederate landmarks.

As part of its consent agenda on Monday, Charlottesville city council voted unanimously to send the statue to LAXART, a non-profit visual arts organization.

LAXART director Hamza Walker spoke to NBC29 earlier this month about the statue’s future. He was asked about the purpose of the exhibition.

“Put us on the same page in terms of recognizing that the Civil War was, in fact, fought against slavery, not a set of ideals that would somehow transcend that fact and then move on. with the type of country we want to be, “he said.

The city will receive $ 50,000 from LAXART for the statue, and the organization will also cover some transportation and storage costs.

Budget surplus

Later in the meeting, city councilors held a public hearing on what to do with last year’s budget surplus. There was support for the transfer of over $ 5.5 million to give city employees in the form of raises and bonuses.

As to what to do with the extra $ 6.6 million, that could end up going to the Capital Improvement Contingency Fund.

“This money gives you a lot of choice, it gives you a lot of flexibility,” said Chris Cullivan, city finance director.

The money, if it goes into the ICP contingency fund, will have to return to the board before it is spent. A handful of people speaking at the hearing wanted the money to go to affordable housing.

“This is where we pay a lot of the affordable housing subsidies through CIP,” said Deputy Mayor Sena Magill. “And we’re looking at a $ 75 million bill for a school with another school that we’re still going to have to reconfigure and other schools that are seriously obsolete.”

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