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Bill Bellamy Announces New ‘Top Billin’ Podcast With Bill Bellamy »

Top Billin’ with Bill Bellamy, a new audio-visual podcast from Breakbeat Media, will debut on July 6. Each week, the comedian-actor interviews notable historical and contemporary figures in music, comedy, sports and other fields while being filmed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. While analyzing current events and popular culture, Bellamy and his guests will share personal anecdotes about their lives and occupations.

“I’m thrilled that my listeners and fans – young, old, dedicated and new – have a new perspective on the podcast landscape and see me in a new way,” says Bellamy. “They know comedian Bill, and he’s not going anywhere, but with Top Billin’ and Breakbeat, I bring together generations of inspiring and impactful talent and ask them the questions no one else has, while having fun doing it.

Upcoming star guests include Grammy-winning performer-turned-comedian T.I. and entertainer Tony Rock, who discusses the now-famous Oscar incident involving his brother and actor Will Smith in public for the first time.

“Bill is a longtime friend. I am thrilled and honored to work with him on this show,” said CEO and co-founder Dave Mays Breakbeat. “I can’t think of anyone who is a more captivating storyteller than Bill or more widely respected in the worlds of comedy and hip-hop. Fans will have incredible conversations and extraordinary insights that only Bill can bring to his guests.

Top Bill Bellamy Billing is now a member of the show family of Breakbeat Media, the popular podcast network that hosts the popular podcasts don’t call me white girl and Cornbread TV with Funny Marco. Mays and finance and business guru Kendrick Ashton co-founded Breakbeat.

“Bill is a game-changer for Breakbeat,” says network creative director Brett Jeffries. “It’s a cultural staple that will give its audience a wonderfully authentic perspective. For the first time, its fans will experience a side of Bill that has rarely been exposed. I’m very excited for it, and I love that Breakbeat provides these opportunities.

DAX handles distribution of Top Billin’ with Bill Bellamy. Starring Bellamy, Brett Jeffries and Barry Katz, Mays’ executive producer. At Dash Studios in Hollywood, Tastemakers Media produces the program. Top Billin’ With Bill Bellamy debuts on all audio podcast platforms July 6; On July 7, Breakbeat Media’s YouTube channel will launch the visual version of the show.a