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There’s nothing fans love more than seeing their favorite actors being able to poke fun at themselves; it’s part of the appeal of watching people host Saturday Night Live, after all. The postmodern, self-referential irony of playing oneself in a performance shows the audience that the actor is a real person and capable of joking; paradoxically, it increases a celebrity’s likability when they can be seen less as a celebrity and more as a “normal” person. Fans love knowing that their favorite actor is even slightly down to earth, and that in turn colors people’s perception of their acting performances. That’s why roles that require an actor to play themselves can sometimes be the most well-known or beloved.

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Technically, people play themselves every day, but some actors play themselves on a whole different level. Although the idea of ​​playing yourself in a movie seems simple, it can be done in a way that the actor is challenged for the role. For people to play well in a movie, they need to be able to laugh at themselves and be the butt of the joke, which requires thick skin and the ability to recognize one’s public persona and make fun of it. of the image that the public associates with it. . Nicholas Cage undoubtedly has that skill; in the future The unbearable weight of massive talent, Cage is ready to play himself literally and figuratively in a way that mimics all of his most famous roles from the past. This type of meta performance often seems easier than it actually is, which is perhaps why many actors never do it. However, he often reaps many creative accolades, as evidenced by subsequent films. Up to The unbearable weight of massive talent came out, here are some great movies in which the actors star themselves.

4 John Malkovich in Being John Malkovich

Being John Malkovich Poster

John Malkovich stars as himself in Being John Malkovich. In this film, Malkovich not only plays himself, but also somehow plays many other characters from the film. The film’s setting is actor John Malkovich’s consciousness, and the film’s characters (John Cusack, Cameron Diaz, Catherine Keener and others) find a way into it and attempt to control it. In Malkovich’s mind, he sometimes plays all the characters – men, women, and children all have John’s face and just say the word “Malkovich!” The film may not be a laugh-out-loud comedy to many, but rather a meta-fictional reflection. This role would have been extremely difficult for most Hollywood actors, but Malkovich seems to not even try, tapping into his odd public persona as one of Hollywood’s most well-known character actors, able to pull himself together. thrive playing challenging roles. . Malkovich is what makes this movie, and his ability to alter performances to suit the characters who control his consciousness is utterly brilliant. If this movie was about anyone other than Malkovich, well, it wouldn’t have a title.

3 Neil Patrick Harris in Harold and Kumar go to the white castle

Neil Patrick Harris drives a car in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle
New Line Cinema

The role of Neil Patrick Harris in the original Harold and Kumar go to the white castle perhaps very minimal, but was monumental for Harris as an actor. Until this film, Harris was known as a child actor and was affectionately referred to as “Doogie” in reference to his role as a child. However, in the first Harold and Kumar, Harris plays a version of himself that is in every way the opposite of his Doogie persona – this version of Harris is dirtier, messier, and constantly looking for coke and strippers. This satirical version of himself allowed Harris to shed the childish persona he once had and transition into adult acting, allowing Harris to get his infamous role in how I Met Your Mother and hilarious, extended performances in the sequel Harold and Kumar movies. Without Harris being able to play here, he may never have had an acting career after Doogie Howser MD.

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2 Bill Murray in Zombieland

Bill Murray Land of the Zombies
Sony Pictures release

Bill Murray’s appearance in Zombieland is one of the most iconic cameos and a brilliantly put together and memorable example of an actor playing himself. When people think of an actor playing himself, this particular role is the one that comes to mind. In this film, Murray plays himself but is able to do so in a very comedic way. Murray’s version of himself pretends to be undead in order to survive the zombie apocalypse, hang out in his huge mansion, and have a good time. Not only is it objectively hilarious, but it’s also something many fans could see Bill Murray doing in real life. As usual, Murray’s comedic timing is impeccable, and while he’s not a main character in the film, he has a major impact on everyone who watches. His exit from the film is equally funny.

1 The entire cast of It is the end

The cast of This Is the End looks up
Sony Pictures release

In most movies where the actors appear as themselves, it’s usually a singular cameo, but It is the end allows each actor to play enhanced, insane versions of themselves. The film’s basic plot revolves around a large group of celebrities who have come together to throw a debauched party, when suddenly the apocalypse strikes. The actors all play satirical versions of themselves, but the most impressive part of the film is how the actors are able to build each other up off the cuff. The cast was very tight-knit, so the actors on set not only worked well together, but were able to comically bounce off each other. It made the movie a million times funnier and allowed the cast room to create hysterical, realistic banter. The best part about this movie is getting a glimpse of just how much fun such a large group of actors had fun poking fun at the characters they (and society) had created.

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