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Ben Affleck explains why he didn’t want to take part in the Batman – CVBJ

Throughout its history, Batman has had many actors who bring it to life on the big and small screen; one of them is Ben Affleck who spent a few years performing it for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But things didn’t go as planned and there came a point where he decided not to continue in the role. In a recent interview with the LA Times, Affleck reveals the reasons that prompted him to leave The Batman, a film he was originally going to direct.

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Ben He started out as Bruce Wayne in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice – 27%, a 2016 film that has passed among fans and critics with mixed reviews, receiving very low ratings from the critics. mainstream media. The dark knight of Affleck He started off on the wrong foot and things didn’t improve with Suicide Squad – 25% and Justice League – 41% a few years later. At the moment, Ben He wasn’t so excited about The batman. Here are his recent statements about his departure from the film:

I took a look at this (directing Batman) and thought, ‘I won’t be happy doing this. The person doing this must like it. ‘You’re still supposed to want these things, and I probably would have loved to do that at 32 or something. But that’s when I started to realize it wasn’t worth it. It’s just a wonderful benefit to redirecting and recalibrating your priorities that once it started to be more experience-oriented, I felt more comfortable.

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The imminent departure of Ben affleck The DCEU left many fans very dismayed who saw him as the best Batman the world has known, of course that claim can easily be open to debate. However, it is impossible to deny that the Bruce Wayne of Affleck He left a deep mark on popular culture, he showed us a much more mature and darker version of the character. Although the three films he appeared in did not stand out for their quality, Ben He left us an unforgettable job in each one. He’s a Batman who will never be forgotten.

Ben affleck He intends to say goodbye to his version of the superhero with the movie The Flash, which is sure to hurt DCEU fans who are desperately seeking the restoration of the Snyderverse following the film’s success on the HBO Max platform. . Life goes on for Affleck and you obviously don’t want to get stuck in the role of the dark knight. According to IMDb, Flash It hits theaters on November 4 of this year.

The DC Expanded Universe has a few surprises in store for us in the future, including new adventures with beloved characters from the Justice League. We just hope the higher powers of Warner Bros. make the best decisions for their characters and their fans, they’ve already missed many, too many opportunities to be the best in the business and the genre. On the other hand, a brilliant year awaits superhero cinema with all the premieres it has set for us, will any of them be able to achieve what has been achieved by Spider-Man: No Road Home – 92% in the last few weeks? It is clear that the genre continues to be at the top of the consumer charts.

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