On this page, you will find all the useful information about the 2500 euro loan. Let’s find out how to request a free online quote by contacting the best credit institutions in circulation. We will also take a look at the requirements to see how to get a 2500 euro personal loan even without a paycheck.

Credit loans for bad credit: A Borrowers Best Friend 

Loan 2500 euros: requisites required to obtain it immediately, even without a pay slip

If you are interested in a credit loan for bad credit you will surely like to know that there is Fast and Efficient Application for this loan. The 2500 euro personal loans fall into the category of small loans, which usually provide a maximum payable amount of 5,000 euros. What are the characteristics of these particular loans? In principle, there are no major differences compared to higher-value personal loans. It is, in fact, a fixed-rate loan with a duration that can be chosen by the customer at the time of the request based on his needs. The advantages of small loans of 2500 euros compared to loans for higher sums of money are mainly two and relate to the aspects most in demand today by customers.

The first advantage of the 2500 euro loans is to be very fast loans. In most cases, in fact, there are no problems getting the money you need to carry out any project right away. Therefore, from this point of view, all the major companies have very limited waiting times, and this is a very important aspect in the event that a certain expenditure is to be faced with a certain urgency. The second advantage is instead that which concerns the requisites required to be able to access the desired amount. Being a rather low sum of money, in fact, banks and financial institutions do not run great risks in granting a loan of this type. As a result, customers who can access this type of product without problems is decidedly more extensive than customers who for example have access to a personal loan of € 30000.

Obviously, this does not mean that personal loans of € 2500 can be requested by anyone since even in this case there are requirements to be met. From the point of view of personal data, there are no particular differences: the customer’s residence must necessarily be on the Italian territory. As for the maximum age that an applicant must have, in some cases this could be higher than usual and reach up to 80 years or even more, as a result of the fact that for small loans we can choose a longer duration low. The fundamental requirement to be able to immediately receive a 2500 euro loan is then to have a demonstrable income produced in Italy. As far as employees and retirees are concerned, there are no problems, since the income document to be presented to the bank to receive the desired funding is simply the pay slip or the pension slip.

A very important feature of the 2500 euro loan is the ability to make the request without a pay slip. To do this it is necessary to present alternative guarantees that allow us to demonstrate to the bank that we will not have problems in the payments of the repayment installments that will be fixed. There are several solutions to receive the desired 2500 euro loan in case you are without payroll. First of all, an income document that we can present as an alternative to the pay slip is the tax return (Unico Form). This is the solution that allows self-employed workers without a pay slip to obtain the desired 2500 euro loan. In the event that you do not have a high enough income to be able to receive the loan without the desired pay slip, the other possibility that is usually proposed by the credit institutions is the presentation of a guarantor. In this case a person who may be a relative or friend will have to present the pay slip or pension slip in our place, allowing us to access the desired loan.

Online quote request Personal loan 2500 euros: the best companies

Online quote request Personal loan 2500 euros: the best companies

As always, the best thing to do before applying for a personal loan is to calculate a free quote. Nowadays, there are several banks and financial institutions that offer us the possibility of performing a loan simulation to which we are interested directly online. This is a very useful tool that allows us to know the repayment rate and the interest rates applied for our 2500 euro loan. So let’s see the results that can be obtained by requesting a free online quote on the website of some of the major companies.

Personal Loans Ultraloan 2500 euros: installment calculation and interest rates

Among the finances that allow us to calculate an online quote for 2500 euro loans, even without a pay slip is Ultraloan. On the website, there is a special area dedicated to small loans, where you will find all the relevant information about it. Among these, Agos is keen to specify the delivery speed that it can offer its customers for small loans. In the case we are considering, it is emphasized that 48 hours (but often less) will be enough to receive the money credited to your current account.

6 months 423.87 euros 5.91 6.07
9 months 284.65 euros 5.90 6.07
12 months 215.05 euros 5.90 6.07
15 months 173.30 euros 5.91 6.07
18 months 145.47 euros 5.91 6.07
21 months 125.59 euros 5.90 6.06
24 months 110.69 euros 5.90 6.07
36 months 75.94 euros 5.90 6.06

In the table above you can find quotes for a 2500 euro Ultraloan loan, with all the solutions offered by the company. The duration in this case ranges from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 36 months. If you look at the monthly repayment installments, you realize that it is not necessary to choose the maximum duration to have a particularly light installment. In particular, our advice is to not go beyond 18 months, given that in this case the monthly expense that will be faced will be 145.47 euros, with Tan interest rates 5.91% and Taeg 6.07%.

Harris loans without payroll: free online quote without registration

Another company that always offers to finance at excellent economic conditions is Harris. In the case of 2500 euro loans it is possible to present the request without a pay slip, by submitting the tax return or a guarantor. To find out the terms and conditions of the loan that will be offered to us, it will be enough to use the online simulator that we find on the bank’s website. All we have to do is indicate a monthly repayment installment that we want to fix and specify the type of project we intend to carry out. In our simulation, we considered a request for 2500 euros for the purchase of a scooter.

18 months 146.80 euros 7.07 7.31
24 months 112.00 euros 7.06 7.29
30 months 91.20 euros 7.10 7.34
36 months 77.30 euros 7.09 7.32
42 months 67.40 euros 7.09 7.33
48 months 60.00 euros 7.11 7.35
54 months 64.20 euros 7.08 7.31

Unlike what was seen previously, in this case, the duration we can choose is from 18 months to even 54 months. In this sense, therefore, Harris offers us greater freedom of choice, even if it is good to consider the increase in the cost of the financing with the increase of the duration, as a consequence of the fact that the expense for the interests will be higher. Considering therefore that we are talking about a loan of only 2500 euros our advice is to choose the minimum duration or at most a duration of 24 months. In the latter case, in fact, a rather light monthly payment is envisaged, equal to 112.00 euros, with Tan interest rates 7.06% and Taeg 7.29%.


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