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Art imitates life in this Bauhaus-inspired Brooklyn apartment | Architectural Summary

This coterie was incredibly supportive of the husband-wife team when deployed Balcony, a bi-annual print magazine that focuses on artists’ personal lives rather than their works. The publication intentionally ignores the standard commercial narrative around upcoming exhibits, instead offering intimate conversations about daily routines and side passions.

“The large beige-pink painting is by Virginia Greenleaf Koch,” Audrey explains. “She grew up in Old Lyme, Connecticut, where I spent much of my teenage years. She went to Yale and studied with the likes of Gene Davis and Robert Brackman.

The editorial business came to fruition at the start of the pandemic, when Audrey and Vicente were quarantining in the one-bedroom Brooklyn apartment that sparked their story. “The apartment has always been part of our relationship because we moved in together pretty quickly,” she shares.

Despite its 1930 origin, the condo has few original features beyond its beautiful pine floors, so the duo had to infuse the place with character themselves. Their chosen furniture has evolved throughout their tenure, but the current decor is influenced by Bauhaus and Brazilian modernism.

“The white prototype works as a chair with the cushion, or you can rotate it, then it can serve as a bulky side table,” says Vicente of his Estudio Piedras design. “It works for both indoors and outdoors, so it’s very versatile.”

Vicente’s camera collection is housed in the Poul Cadovius wall unit, which also features the Claes Oldenburg plaster cake slice sculpture.

“Bauhaus concepts are something that really touches us,” says Audrey. “This idea that art imitates life to some degree is something that we always like to experience. It comes into play in the way we have installed the art.

Audrey and Vicente thoughtfully place each piece in a place that winks at the subject of the work. A plaster cake slice sculpture by Claes Oldenburgwhich was given to them for their wedding, sits on the Poul Cadovius wall unit in the dining room, while a Zach Bruder the painting of neighboring houses is located near the front door.