All we know (is it Miracleman?)

Marvel has been teasing a major character return for months. Could it be Miracleman? And where does Joe Quesada fit in? Here’s what we know.

Marvel Comics Kept A Secret Project Many Suspects Could Bring miracle man again in the limelight. Though they’re playing the cards close, some suggestive teases from former executive Joe Quesada are keeping fans’ eyes peeled; but is this a confirmation or a misdirection? Here’s what we know so far.

Recently, Joe Quesada announced his retirement from Marvel at the end of May, confusing industry fans and fellows alike. In a letter he made public via Twitter, Joe Quesada wrote that he would remain a strong Marvel supporter and even make occasional contributions, “including something I’m excited for later this year.” This single sentence has launched a thousand theories, but the most popular is that Quesada will be a key player in the revival of comic book icon Michael Moran, aka Miracleman.


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marvel released Timeless #1 by Jed McKay, Greg Land, Mark Bagley and Kev Walker in December 2021. In this period story, Kang the Conqueror kidnapped Anatoly Petrov, writer and historian, to establish himself as the most dominant supervillain in the story. There have been plenty of surprises along the way, but none as tantalizing as Petrov opening his notebook to find the Miracleman logo sketched inside. The day after the issue’s premiere, Quesada released a set of uncolored panels featuring Black Panther and Captain America in a battle-torn landscape, saying it would release more treats in 2022. Many fans found the timing too perfect to be a coincidence, and in the wake of Quesada’s departure, it seems even more likely that this could be his closing act. In addition, Quesada also posted art related to this mysterious project.

And speaking of timing, Miracleman couldn’t ask for a more timely reboot window. All Of Marvel’s Mightiest Teams Are Heading To A Clash In AX Judgment Day. Originally coined as Marvel’s answer to Shazam, Miracleman has developed a unique characterization over the years, thanks in part to a postmodern interpretation by Alan Moore that resulted in the establishment of a global totalitarian regime and the essentially carrying out divination. Judgment Day promises to investigate both mortal and immortal superhumans; assess their acts of authority and unilateral power to determine whether the world is better off with or without them. Miracleman simultaneously represents atomic consequence, genetic mutation, and near deity, making him the perfect character to reintroduce in conjunction with these three specific teams – and Joe Quesada might be the perfect performer for the task.

Although Marvel continues to maintain a cone of silence as Quesada plays coyly, fans can at least anticipate that his project will coincide with the events of CHOPPED Quesada oversaw some of Marvel’s most pivotal events during his tenure as Creative Director, including Headquarters, fear each otherand Avengers vs. X-Men. He couldn’t ignore a paradigm shift of this magnitude, and if he can contribute while helping revitalize a character in dire need of an update, all the better. But even if miracle man isn’t in the cards, it still looks like Joe Quesada has one last miracle to perform for Marvel.

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