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Ed Vitagliano
Executive Vice President

As America’s public schools decay, shocking stories about the overt sexualization of the country’s children are becoming all too common.

In Washington state, a sex shop owner who is also a member of a local school board announced that she would teach sex education classes to children as young as 9 years old.

Jenn Mason, whose sex shop goes by the innocent-sounding name “WinkWink”, is also a school board superintendent for the Bellingham School District. Sex ed lessons for kids will include topics such as “sexual anatomy for fun” and “types of solo and partnered sexual activity”.

Everywhere you look, sexual activity is encouraged virtually without restriction –– only now, even our children are encouraged to participate.

The disease in our veins

This is no accident, however. For decades, America willfully ingested a slow-acting poison that sickened our culture.

The first doses of poison were administered by Indiana University sex researcher Alfred Kinsey. His most infamous works, Sexual behavior in the human male (1948) and Sexual behavior in human female (1953), were presented by the media as the cultural equivalent of the explosion of twin atomic bombs in the heart of the United States.

Kinsey hated Christian sexual morality, and he would tell his students, “The only kinds of sexual dysfunction are abstinence, celibacy, and deferred marriage. The central idea of ​​the researcher was that sex was natural but that moral restrictions were not; therefore, everyone should be encouraged to experience and enjoy sex. Kinsey’s worldview beats in the veins of current sex education efforts like tainted blood.

While Kinsey was busy converting students and intellectuals to his cause, it was another sexual revolution evangelist who made an impact on Main Street. Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy magazine in 1953, was touted by Time magazine as a “prophet of pop hedonism”.

Time said Hefner’s magazine trumpeted “the ultimate life of material and sensual pleasure” and that “pleasure and leisure were becoming positive and universally adored values ​​in American society.”

Hollywood has followed in Kinsey and Hefner’s footsteps by telling viewers big and small screens that romantic love – followed by sex, of course – should be an end in itself.

One of the clearest statements of this worldview in popular culture has been found in the film Shakespeare in lovewhich won a Best Picture Oscar in 1998. The film focused on a fictional adulterous relationship between William Shakespeare and Lady Viola de Lesseps.

Before falling in love with the bard, Viola told her nurse, “I will have poetry in my life. And adventure. And love. Love above all. …love that turns life upside down. Unable to bid. Out of control, like a riot in the heart, and nothing to do, comes ruin or rapture.

Of course, Christians understand that there are different types of love. What Viola was describing was Eros – romantic love that yields to sexual expression because it is a force of nature. (See the previous blog HERE) She perfectly defines Eros as “ungovernable” – or uncontrollable desire. Nothing can be done to resist it, and when experienced, the result is like a proverbial roll of the dice. When Viola says she wants Eros “come ruin or rapture”, it means that the consequences could be very good or very bad.

This form of romantic and sexual love is the basis of virtually all “love stories” in the entertainment world.

Serve appetites

Why did all this happen? From a biblical perspective, the answer is quite simple: we have become a nation increasingly filled with idolaters who live to serve their carnal appetites, rather than serving Almighty God.

As Time said, what Hefner pushed at the door of Playboy was a life filled with “material and sensual pleasures”. really fun has been become a “universally adored” value in America. Or as proclaimed by Shakespeare in loveit’s love and sex above all.

Paul refers to those on the way to eternal destruction as those “whose god is their appetite(Philippians 3:19). Of the many pleasures of this world, the lost seek to serve their own desires—“their appetite”—as Paul says these personal pleasures become their “god.”

One of the most powerful indictments of this tendency of fallen man is found in Romans 1:18-32. While most Christians probably think the passage is primarily a rebuke to the sin of homosexuality – and that certainly includes that – it is actually a

denunciation of this most fundamental sin of idolatry.

Paul says that human wickedness is rooted in a stubborn refusal to acknowledge God, honor him, or give him glory – even in the face of evidence in nature that God is real and worthy of worship. Of course, human beings will love Somethingand when the Creator is rejected, fallen men turn to creation for objects of worship (vv. 19-22).

From literal idol worship the apostle turns to idolatry of a more subtle nature. Before even addressing the specific subject of homosexuality, Paul begins with the broken sexuality of humanity in general:Wherefore God delivered them in the lusts of their hearts unto impurity, that their bodies should be dishonored among them.(v. 24).

It is an indictment of all sexual sins, not just that of self-proclaimed homosexuals. Why does Paul start here? For in their sexuality, fallen human beings choose to serve.”the creature rather than the Creator(v. 25). Creation becomes a playground and the strong desires of the human heart lead people to engage in degrading impurity.

Then, of course, homosexuality is mentioned as the result of falling into an even deeper perversion –– which rejects even the male-female model of human sexuality. Homosexual activity is an expression of self-worship; he refuses to embrace what is different and instead covets what is a mirror image of himself.

mislead the lambs

In Romans 1:32, Paul states that when idolaters do evil, they “also give warm approval to those who practiceof such sins. They want others to join in the sinful revelry, and when they do, there is nothing but applause for them from other worldlings.

This is why Jenn Mason and her ilk insist on teaching children about sex because these adults are the evangelists of debauchery just like Kinsey and Hefner.

Decades later, as he reflected on his influence on culture, Hugh Hefner said he was pleased with what he had achieved – even mentioning its impact on children. “I’ve influenced generations through the magazine,” he said. “Playboy has become a wonderful rite of passage. Her message for children is that sex is good.

Of course, the Christian too believes that sex is good, but only within the institution of marriage. Those who hate God and serve their own appetites revel in their sin, but as many of our nation’s leaders sexualize even our least, sin has grown darker.

The Bible is clear on moral degeneration and its consequences. It never ends well. We are now at a stage where only a miracle can save us – a heaven-sent revival from the very God we forsook.