25 creative room divider ideas

Becky Nielsen

While seating and tables tend to get the lion’s share of attention (and budget) when redecorating a space, there’s no denying the transformative powers of a room divider or room divider. room. Whether used to wall up bedrooms in a loft or hung as art, considering the smarts room divider ideas can help energize a room. While room dividers have been used for thousands of years – in 8th-century Japan folding screens were used to create privacy between open floor plans – they have fallen out of necessity in recent centuries. , as interiors have become more and more partitioned.

Despite this, the designers remain dedicated to them, employing them in less expected scenarios. For example, designers love using a room divider to create the illusion of distinctive rooms in small apartments where dining rooms and living rooms share one wall. Other designers like to use them simply as an architectural element. Posted in a corner, one can bring height and bookcase-like interest. Don’t be afraid to use multiple screens either. Coco Chanel reportedly had more than a dozen lacquered Chinese Coromandels in her Paris apartment. Room dividers can also be used as artwork on either side of a bed, or simply framed and displayed as a striking diptych piece of art. No matter how you decide to use a room divider that you can easily DIY or a fancy room divider, chances are your room will look designed with intention.

If you’re considering a room divider for your space, but are still shortlisting candidates, so to speak, we’ve rounded up 25 decorative room dividers and creative room divider ideas. Here’s to screen time you can actually feel good about!

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A drum screen creates a dramatic ambiance in this city apartment designed by studio CAK.

Artist Angela Crusciaki Blehm deconstructed a room divider into two separate panels to frame an abstract of her own making and an elegant slipper sofa. A coat of white paint gives the dividers a postmodern, plaster-like vibe.

Vibrant cerulean-colored walls perfectly complement a tapestry-like room divider in this sophisticated living room by New York designer Nick Olsen.

Designer Vicente Wolf was inspired by the surreal and abstract shapes of Joan Miró to create this custom room divider in a chic urban apartment.

A room divider can be a great way to bring extra pattern and texture into a room, as shown in this striking living room by Dane Austin Design.

A tribal-patterned room divider gives this Nick Olsen-designed maximalist den an unmistakable verve.

For a serene and minimalist office, Gemma Parker Design chose to cocoon the walls in the details of the Shoji screen. While these room dividers are normally used freestanding in Japanese homes, hanging them on the walls provides a similar calming effect.

Rather than hanging artwork on your bedside tables, consider going Grange and supporting each rack with a room divider. The effect can create the illusion of a dramatic headboard.

A towering upholstered room divider adorned with nailhead trim accentuates the drama in this elegant living room by New Orleans-based designer Ware Porter.

To draw attention away from a misplaced stairwell, designer Maureen Stevens uses a quaint, painted room divider. As a bonus, the screen also functions as a window covering!

Intricately carved room dividers, fashioned like doorways, give this Wills Design Associates-designed Texas living room an elevated, bespoke feel.

An ordinary bedroom gets an extraordinary polish thanks to custom screen designer Todd M. Haley built to decorate the bed.

To separate an office from a living room, designer Vicente Wolf installed a room divider made up of minimalist louvered panels.

A wooden room divider placed behind a low-profile bed brings instant sophistication to this bedroom designed by Form + Field.

A Moroccan-style lattice screen designed by PepperJack Interiors dramatically elevates the entryway to a Sacramento home.

For a California ranch home — which happens to be her own — designer Sarah Walker uses a neutral screen to effectively weave modern and traditional Danish influences from the Southwest.

A chinoiserie room divider can make a compelling work of art when hung above a sofa, as shown in this vibrant and playful piece designed by Meg Braff.

If you have more space between your nightstand and the wall, consider doing what New York firm Mendelson Group did in this paradise-like bedroom and installing a nifty room divider.

Taking liberties with the traditional room divider format — and stylistic themes — can have stunning results, as the Redmond Aldrich-designed Park City Escape shows.

Neal Beckstedt proves that a room divider doesn’t have to be a ceiling scraper to make a big impact, as this quiet living room shows.

You don’t need to find a traditional room divider to create a mesmerizing effect. As McCaffrey Design Group illustrates, framed paper panels, hung behind a bed to mimic a room divider, can be just as striking.

Designer Elizabeth Metcalfe shows how a simple door can be transformed into something delightfully new with the addition of a basic screen panel.

Try pairing a traditional Asian room divider with metals like designer Cecilie Starin does in this serene retreat for dramatic effect.

Designer Becky Nielsen illustrates that a lacquered room divider is always an inspired way to energize a corner.

Try a paper partition in a room with lots of natural light. As this piece, designed by Ayromloo Design, shows, a little sunshine can make it shine positively.

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