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The 2021 Holiday Buying Guide is a unique blend of independently owned and operated businesses across a variety of industries, such as retail, food, restaurant, arts, non-profit organizations profit, etc., all designed to encourage residents of WNY to #boutiquelocal. Sponsored by Visit Buffalo Niagara and Erie County, the 2021 guide will explore all of the unique shopping districts Erie County has to offer. For this year’s complete holiday shopping guide, click here!

If Elmwood is the movie star of the Buffalo neighborhoods, then Allentown is the artist. Wall-sized murals frame the many live music bars, neighborhood galleries, restaurants and shops in the neighborhood. Beautiful brick buildings and figures like ‘The Bubble Man’ blowing bubbles out of the window of his apartment on the corner of Allen Street and Elmwood Avenue, give the neighborhood a unique creative energy. the city.

K Art

K Art is unique! It is one of the only Native American-owned commercial art galleries to focus primarily on the work of contemporary Native American, First Nations, and established and emerging Indigenous artists.

Historically, museums have been the main platform for Indigenous artists, but the number of exhibitions dedicated to contemporary Indigenous art is low and the number of artists featured in such exhibitions is even smaller. K Art focuses on exhibiting these artists and their work, whose stories have not been told before in the way they deserve to be.

The K Art physical gallery space opened in December 2020, starting a cycle of four exhibitions per year. The first was a survey of the work of nationally recognized Aboriginal and First Nations artists.

K Art is owned by Dave Kimelberg, a registered member of the Seneca Nation of Indians (Bear Clan). His great-uncle was President of the Seneca Indian Nation in the 1950s. Dave’s mother was an art teacher and the founding teacher of the Head Start program in Seneca Territory. Her brother was a contemporary Seneca artist and worked for the Seneca Nation for many years. Dave returned to the Seneca Territories 15 years ago to serve the Seneca Nation in various capacities, and has been involved in Indigenous economic and community development projects for decades.

Currently on display is “Ga’nigöi: yoh: G. Peter Jemison,” a retrospective that reviewed his triumphs and tragedies from 1964 to the present, all portrayed through paintings, umbrellas and paper bags. Also “Spotlight: The Epidemic of Violence Against Indigenous Women” by Natalie Ball, Luzene Hill, Sonya Kelliher-Combs and Julia Rose Southerland. In different ways, their works address the trauma and violence resulting from systemic racism, sexism, and the ingrained history of colonialism in North America. These artists seek to bring an epidemic out of the shadows and make it aware of the general public; and, in doing so, create new spaces for discourse and understanding about indigeneity. Ultimately, they demand change.

If you have an art lover in your life, take them to K Art. Parts are available for purchase!

808 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14202 | 716-768-3633
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Assembly House 150

Assembly House 150 brings together a wide range of stakeholders: traders, artists, designers, architects, artisans, planners, curators, students, apprentices and others – to work together on impactful community projects that integrate art and design into the built environment and empower people through creative action. AH150 is led by visionary artist Dennis Maher. AH150’s programs, workshops, exhibitions and other initiatives facilitate a vision for creating environments as art.

Guided by Maher’s creative direction, the AH150 team transforms spaces and the people who build and experience them. Works of art by Dennis Maher / AH150 include interiors, exteriors, furniture and other decorative items, as well as transformations of entire buildings and landscapes.

The project team includes aspiring builders who learn construction and design skills through AH150 programs. By creating works of art while sharing our skills, we bring art and life together and work for a more artistic and fair city.

If you have someone in your life who enjoys art, consider including them on one of the tours offered by the AH150. They offer public tours, Assembled City Tours, which is a multi-site experience that includes a guided tour of Assembly House, as well as tours of their project sites and Fargo House, as well as a private tour led by an artist. . We recommend that you visit Assembly House 150 in the New Year!

150 Edward St., Buffalo, NY 14202 | 716-560-8170
Website | Facebook | Instagram

The Allen Street Dress Shop

It’s not often that you find a women’s store that really has something for all ages and body types. The Allen Street Dress Shop and The Dress Shop, located at 712 Main Street, East Aurora, NY, have been styling WNY women of all ages for over 35 years.

Company owner Danielle Webb thinks it has something to do with the timeless style of clothing: “We pride ourselves on providing high quality, very unique, creative clothing. Women will walk into my store and I will recognize a dress they are wearing that we wore years ago. It still looks as modern today as it did then. There is something to be said for the accumulation of classic cut and quality parts.

They stock a wide range of clothing, in fabrics such as wool, linen, silk, cotton and other beautiful natural materials, beautifully stitched, embroidered and knitted. Over a third of clothing is made in the USA and the majority of the fashion lines, which are personally and painstakingly researched by Danielle, come from small, independent manufacturers who are committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible – from product to packaging. .

Great care is taken to organize a beautiful collection and there is impeccable attention to detail in fashion lines, mannequin arrangements, even in store windows. Danielle believes that there is “energy in the visual quality of windows, it is something that adds to everyone’s life, every day”. She says this as she carefully folds an origami envelope to send to friends.

In addition to beautiful dresses, they also have jewelry, hats, coats, skirts, sweaters and jackets. The Allen Street Dress Shop has everything the modern, urban woman needs to be stylish and comfortable. The key to their success is “finding the most interesting, the most creative and the most fabulous clothes for the interesting people who come to the stores.” They also take the Shop 716 gift card!

89 Allen Street, Buffalo, NY 14203 | 716-883-0871
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Ancient man

The Antique Man is a wonderful, haunting store filled with surprises of all kinds. For a little over three dollars, you can buy an old, long-lived disc. I bought everything from Walter Gieseking to Dakota Staton here. You can also buy all kinds of light fixtures: Tiffany-style sconces, Victorian ceiling lights and Art Deco floor lamps. Antique Man is owned by John Sheppard, who has operated a store in Allentown for almost ten years. Three years ago he bought the fabulous late 19th century brick building on the corner of Allen and College. He has restored it beautifully: there are high ceilings, large windows and waxed parquet floors. There are two more floors in the building and John is working on plans to put them online as well. The Antique Man is a great place to shop and John can tell you all about the neighborhood.

243 Allen St., Buffalo, NY 14201 | 716-883-2121

Lace & Day

It’s your home for the perfect fit, for a fun shopping experience. This is where there are women to make you look and feel fabulous and find you the perfect bra, the one that will make you stand up straight, throw your shoulders back and take over the world. It’s your home for warm and cozy pajamas, for the flirtatious little nightie, for the deliciously soft bathrobe. It’s the place of the problem-solving panties and the cheeky little hipster. You’ll find the perfect swimsuit that will make you feel like a million dollars, whether you’re in your backyard pool or on exotic shores in the distance.

Lace & Day is owned and operated by sisters Emily Constantine Doren and Holly Constantine Ortman. These are two down-to-earth Buffalonians who traded serious careers for the chance to make more girls feel good about their skivvies!

Emily had a career in Antarctic marine science and environmental consulting in the United States, and ended up spending several years working as a bra fitter and buyer at a Denver-based lingerie powerhouse. When she returned to Buffalo, inevitably every girls ‘night or cocktail party involved impromptu bra fittings in the ladies’ bathroom! Girls would always ask, “Where can I buy a bra like yours?” ” His answer ? “Nowhere around here!” She knew she could change that.

Holly was first introduced to bra fitting in her late twenties when she visited Emily at her bra fitting gig. It changed her life – she had never had a well-fitting bra since the moment she “flowered” in her early teens. During his career as an urban planner specializing in economic development, there was always the entrepreneurial spark that made him want to go out and do his own thing.

In 2015, Emily and Holly did what their hearts and minds had been quietly asking for for years: They pooled their energy, resources, talents and true sense of unbridled fun, quit their jobs and opened Lace. & Day, Buffalo’s premier lingerie and nightwear boutique. . Now, they’ve both found their perfect fit and can’t wait to help you find yours.

Whether you are looking for a gift or something for yourself, be sure to check out Lace and Day. They take the Shop 716 gift card.

445 Franklin St., Buffalo, NY 14202 | 716-884-1580
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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