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10 Unpopular Opinions About Netflix Original Shows, According To Reddit

At this point, it’s clear that Netflix is ​​one of the most influential studios, churning out a truly astonishing amount of content. Indeed, many of their original series have become hugely popular with critics and viewers alike, earning the Steamboat numerous awards and accolades.

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However, that doesn’t mean that even their most popular series don’t have their detractors, and there are in fact plenty of Reddit users who haven’t been afraid to express what they and others consider. as unpopular opinions on the Netflix original. series, both new and well established.


Stranger Things (2019-present) – The third season is not good

Stranger Things season 3 Robin exit scene

stranger things became, from its first season, one of the most popular series on Netflix, and it is easy to see why. It has a natural charm that casts a special charm. For some, however, the charm has begun to wear off, with Brynnrallo explicitly arguing that “Season 3 is the worst season.” However, while this season may not have lived up to everyone’s expectations, it’s still true that it manages to keep key relationships front and center, while exploring new territory.

Big Mouth (2017-Present) – The show is terrible

The Depression Kitty talks to Jessi on Big Mouth

There are very few shows on the air that look quite like Big mouth, which manages to be both hugely entertaining and iconoclastic. However, several Reddit users dislike him, including annieyokesboi who criticizes how “he thinks if everyone is shouting his lines, it must be funny”. While it’s true that the show often lacks subtlety, this argument ignores the fact that it’s precisely its playful, irreverent spirit that is a key part of its enduring appeal.

Umbrella Academy (2019-Present) – Luther Deserves More Credit

Tom Hopper

Umbrella Academy is another one of the streamer’s very compelling dramas, focusing as it does on a group of superheroes who reunite after the death of their father. However, as interesting as the characters are, Luther is the one many fans dislike, due to his thoughtless obedience.

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User Frozensun516, for example, writes “I feel really bad for Luther, and I don’t think he deserves the hate he gets.” While Luther has his good qualities, it’s also true that his absolute dedication to the case is one of his biggest limitations.

Ozark (2017–present) – Ben was a villainous character

Ben sitting on Byrdes couch looking innocent in Ozark

by Netflix ozark is rightfully considered one of the best crime dramas on television, and its story about the Byrde family and their progressive involvement in the world of drug-related crime makes for gripping viewing. It also features a number of fascinating secondary characters, including Ben, whose bipolar disorder causes stress for himself and his family. Wompy1992, however, says he was a “self-righteous, mean a**hole”. Although Ben can be a very frustrating character, the fact that he suffers from a mental illness cannot be divorced from any understanding of his personality.

The Crown (2016-Present) – Olivia Colman is underwhelming

by Netflix The crown is widely and rightly considered one of the best period dramas. He manages to intertwine the life of the royal family with the great events of the 20th century. One of its notable vanities is the cast changing every two seasons. While many approved of Olivia Colman as queen, discoella instead argues that “she’s underwhelming as Queen Elizabeth.” Although she may not be as dynamic as Claire Foy, Colman nevertheless brings a calm and sure touch to an aging monarch in the maturity of her reign.

The Witcher (2019-present) – Loving the non-linear timeline

Geralt and Ciri train in The Witcher

Since its creation, the witcher demonstrated that it has what it takes to be one of the best fantasy series on television. However, some noted that the non-linear narration of the first tale was confusing at best and indecipherable at worst. Skellige, however, unequivocally stated that they “love the non-linear timelines, putting scenes together like a puzzle”. However, as entertaining as the storytelling was, it’s also true that it made for confusing viewing for those unfamiliar with the universe.

Ratched (2020–present) – It’s Not Good

Ryan Murphy has been responsible for several notable movies and TV series over his long career, many of which have been hugely popular. One of his most recent efforts is Pawl, which tells the story of one of the film’s most infamous nurses. While it had a signature color scheme and a great performance by Sarah Paulson, Group 1 characterizes it as “a train wreck I can’t take my eyes off of”. While it has its flaws, the truth is that it’s a compelling portrayal of a tortured woman on the early stages of her journey to becoming a sadistic monster.

Grace and Frankie (2015–present) – The show has declined

Grace and Frankie look shocked standing in their kitchen

The issue of aging is an issue that popular culture sometimes struggles to take seriously, which is why Grace and Frankie such a refreshing series. And, over time, it grew and matured, as did its characters. However, not everyone thinks that is the case.

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Bobdob1234 argues that it has “become increasingly absurd, one-line heavy and they strive to make the characters stereotypes of themselves”. However, this ignores the very real ways the characters have grown and developed since previous seasons.

Russian Doll (2019–present) – The Show is Worth Hating

Natasha looks through a glass door in Russian Doll

One of the benefits of a good TV series is that it can force the viewer to ask the tough questions. This is precisely what Russian doll fact, as it immerses the viewer in a terrifying world in which the heroine is forced to relive her death over and over again. Although it was critically acclaimed, user FiqoTorres felt that there were too many similarities between the main character and Natasha Lyonne’s character in Orange is the new blackremarking, “At one point I thought it was a sequel to Natasha ILONB character, as she was released from prison and lives in New York. Unfortunately, such a review ignores the very important character work that Lyonne has done since the series began.

Disenchantment (2018–present) – The first two seasons were better

Disenchantment Season 4 Elfo

Disenchantment should be considered one of the best anime series for adults because it works so hard to subvert the expectations one has of fantasy. Although this has changed and evolved over time, not everyone agreed with it. impdickens’ remarks: “Seasons 1 and 2 were far superior to 3 and 4.” Although there have been some changes since the start of the series, it has actually allowed the characters to change, and it has also given the viewer a better insight into the full complexity of this world.

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