10 Exciting Warner Bros. Movies to be published in 2022

Outside of Disney, Warner Bros. is home to Hollywood’s most valuable IPs, and the studio’s list of 2022 releases is one of the most impressive years they’ve had to date. Between the third Fantastic beasts movie, a Sesame Street reboot, and science fiction based on Mars Moonshot, there is so much to look forward to and these movies don’t even scratch the surface.

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It’s likely that there might even be other Warner Bros. movies. released at the end of the year that have yet to be announced. But until then, the year is full of DC movies, vintage thrillers, musical biopics, and a few wild car horrors.


Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Jason Momoa Aquaman 2 new Lost Kingdom costume

It’s surprising that it’s been so long since the first Aquaman hit theaters. When Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom released in December, it took four years between the two films. However, that’s still more to be excited about, as Arthur Curry’s charisma, one-liners, and Parademons surfing were so missed.

Although some Redditors have unpopular views on Aquaman, such as feeling the first movie had a blurry direction, James Wan is returning to the director’s chair. This means there will be even more explosive action and huge set pieces than the last. But what makes the film most intriguing is that Jason Mamoa has writing credit, having helped develop the sequel’s story.

The Duke

Kempton and Dorothy look surprised in The Duke

Although Warner Bros. As one of Hollywood’s biggest studios and a titan of blockbuster movies, he always keeps a close eye on the festival circuit. This is evidenced by the purchase of The Duke, a British film by director Roger Mitchell that follows a 60-year-old taxi driver who steals a painting by Goya. It’s a comedy starring British icons Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren.

Aside from the all-star cast, there is even more reason to be excited as the film received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics. Although The Duke was only released in February 2022, it debuted at the Venice Film Festival in September 2020. At its first screening it received five stars by several reviews and currently sits at 94% on Rotten tomatoes.

Black adam

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

As the film studio responsible for DC Extended Universe, Warner Bros. is gearing up for some huge franchise releases for the next year. Surprisingly, there will be more DCEU movie releases than MCU movies in 2022, and it all starts with Black adam.

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Black adam has been eagerly awaited, as Dwayne Johnson was attached to the role as early as 2014. What makes Black Adam so interesting is that he’s not so much a superhero as an antihero, and he’s here. nemesis of Shazam, which means fans will see an epic showdown somewhere down the line.

Evil Dead Rise

Behind the Scenes on the Set of Evil Dead Rise

The Evil Dead series has quietly grown into a big franchise, as not only are there the original three films, but there is also a remake and a hit TV show, Ash vs. the Evil Dead. Instead of being a sequel to the 2013 remake like most people would expect, Evil Dead Rise is described as a fourth film in the original series.

What’s good is that it could mean the comedy is back. Humor is a crucial part of the original films, but it was clearly lacking in the remake. Sadly, while this appears to be a comeback for the series, Bruce Campbell will not be returning as Ash.

Salem Lot

Brad Savage as Danny Glick in Salem's Lot 1979

There have been dozens of Stephen King adaptations over the decades, whether it’s classic Stanley Kubrick horror The brilliant or the beloved prison drama Shawshank’s Redemption. But the next adaptation will be much more typical of King’s work, because Salem Lot has the potential to be the most terrifying to date.

From the novel of the same name, Salem Lot follows a man who returns to his hometown of Lot in Jerusalem to discover the existence of a vampire. And in even more typical King fashion, the protagonist is a writer. From the screenwriter of the last one This movies, it looks like the source material is in good hands.


Elvis stands with his back to the camera in Elvis

Between 2019 Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocket man, and now this year Tick, Tick, Boom, rock musician biopics are extremely popular right now, and there is no sign of the trend slowing down. In 2022, Warner Bros. will come out Elvis, a biopic on the king of rock and roll himself.

Interestingly, the actor portrayed as the main character, Austin Butler, is not the best known, and audiences will likely know him best as a member of the Manson family, Tex Watson in Once upon a time in hollywood. The film is also directed by Baz Luhrman, one of the best musical directors of this generation. This means that Elvis could be full of spectacular with fantastic elements and touches of postmodernism.

The batman

Robert Pattinson The Batman

Audiences have seen Batman so often lately on the big screen, whether with Zack Snyder Justice League, in Batman vs. Superman, or even as a child in Joker. But there wasn’t really a standalone Batman film in almost 10 years. It may come as a surprise, but the wait between The dark knight rises and The batman is much bigger than the one between Batman and robin and Batman begins.

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Between the incredible cast of the set and the movie’s mission statement, there’s a good chance the movie will be the best. Batman film again. The film stars Robert Pattinson, Colin Farrell, Zoe Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright and many more. But more excitingly, the film promises to portray Batman as the world’s greatest sleuth, something even the best Batman the films failed to do so.


Kimi is hiding behind a wall in Kimi

Steven Soderbergh is one of the busiest filmmakers working today as he has made two films in 2021 and has another in the works. The director also seems to have a great working relationship with Warner Bros., as this year No sudden movement and Let them all talk are two of the best exclusive HBO Max movies.

KIMI will follow suit, and he sees the director doing what he does best. The film is a thriller about employment bureaucracies when a woman tries to report a violent crime she has witnessed.

Don’t worry darling

Florence Pugh gets a tan in Don't Worry Darling

Audiences might be wondering why they haven’t seen a lot of Olivia Wilde onscreen lately, but that’s because she’s now behind the camera more often than she is in front. Don’t worry darling is the second film directed by Wilde, and while details are scarce, what little is known about it makes it one of the most exciting upcoming releases of 2022.

The film is a 1950s-based thriller that follows a husband who hides a troubling dark secret from his hapless housewife. It also features two of the most promising young actors and recently inducted members of the MCU, Florence Pugh and Harry Styles.


The Flash movie trailer

If audiences aren’t tired of the plentiful amounts of Batman in the movies, then Flash will be the real test. Although the movie speaks Justice League his own speedster, the movie’s big selling point is the return of Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne / Batman.

Spider-Man: No Path Home isn’t the only movie that plays with the multiverse idea, as the DCEU is doing the same with this 2022 release. And with the trailer revealing Keaton’s voice and alluding to the old Batmobile from the movie. 1989 fans wonder what else could be hidden in the movie.

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