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10 Best Captain America Costumes From Marvel Comics

Captain America is one of the most recognizable superheroes in popular culture and has been since his first appearance in Captain America Comics #1 in 1941. The original costume designed by Jack Kirby was instantly iconic, and its enduring appeal is a testament to it being one of the best in all of Marvel comics. But that’s not Captain America’s only costume, and there are plenty of other awesome versions in the comics.

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Some of Captain America’s best costumes in the comics build on the power of the original look, interpreting its key elements in new and unique ways. The best costumes also push towards a more realistic portrayal of costume, proving its timelessness while constantly updating it for modern audiences, influencing the MCU and also drawing inspiration from the movies.

ten Kamala Khan

Kamala Khan as Captain America's attack in Marvel Comics.

One of the most powerful variants of Captain America is the multiverse’s version of Kamala Khan. This version wears a fantastic red and blue costume that merges elements of the classic cap design and Ms. Marvel look, making it one of the best in the comics.

This version retains his signature red sash and golden bracelets while adopting most of Captain America’s suit design. She appeared briefly in the comics and could very well appear as a variant of the MCU multiverse in future movies or shows.

9 Peggy Carter

Peggy Carter Captain America

Peggy Carter’s version of Captain America from Exiles #3 combines a strong sense of Steve Rogers’ MCU armored look and a practical consideration unique to Peggy – she wears a tie under the armor – to create one of Captain’s best costumes. America in the comics.

This design combines red, white, and blue iconography with combat fatigues in the pants that blend the best of the costume’s many disparate versions. It became very influential, leading to Peggy’s What if..? watch and what will likely be a live-action future as well.


8 secret empire

secret empire is one of Captain America’s most controversial storylines, but it produced one of its best costumes. Steve Rogers comes out of the ordeal with HYDRA wearing a costume that manages to translate the costume’s cinematic takes into the comics.

The design alters some of the design elements, particularly the interpolation of the red and white stripes, but amps up the suit’s armor and practical utility mirroring much of what MCU suits have done thus far.

7 Ultimate (modern)

Captain America lying on the ground injured with a torn suit on the cover of New Ultimates

Like many Marvel Comics characters in the early 2000s, Captain America received a modern update in Ultimate Comics. His Ultimate Comics is one of the best at pushing classic design for practicality, creating a distinct and influential look.

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The padded, pocketed design mimics not 90s excesses but military reality and this design had a huge influence on the character’s MCU costume, honoring the past while stepping forward into the future.

6 The captain

Reed and Sue Richards join the Avengers along with Thor and US Agent in Marvel Comics.

Comic book fans know that US Agent wore a dark version of the Captain America costume, but they might not know that Steve Rogers wore it first. The black and red design is a dramatic departure from the classic but one of the best suits in its simplicity.

The suit ditches blue for black, creating a look symbolic of the “dark and gritty” period of the 80s that also produced the black Spider-Man suit, but reflects Captain America’s complex and sometimes contentious relationship with his role. of a national hero.

5 super soldier

In 2010, Captain America received one of his best modern costumes. The Super Soldier costume was a new and refreshing take on the classic costume that replaced basic elements with a more standard military approach in its use of stars and bars.

The design eschewed the shield and helmet, but the design remained singular and memorable, so much so that it later influenced the stealth suit Captain America wore in The Winter Soldierone of the best MCU films, as well as later films.

4 Ultimate (WWII)

Captain America leads the charge in WWII in the Ultimate Alliance loading screen

The Ultimate Captain America WWII Costume reverts to the original design but makes it a more practical design that instantly makes it one of the best. The costume retained the basic design elements, but in a very realistic way.

Hailing from some of the best Captain America comics of the 2000s, the costume had a big influence on the MCU’s version of the same and arguably influenced the entire practical aesthetic of the MCU, especially early on in the franchise.

3 Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson Captain America Symbol of Truth Marvel Comics

Sam Wilson’s costume from his time as Captain America was so iconic that the MCU more or less borrowed it wholesale. The costume is one of Marvel Comics’ best at combining elements of Sam’s look as Falcon and the classic Captain America look.

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The use of the star and wings on the chest is a powerful visual element that echoes Sam’s military background and also merges the visual motifs of Falcon and Captain America in an instantly recognizable and memorable way.

2 Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes, formerly The Winter Soldier, takes on the mantle of Captain America.

With a modern design that features a brilliant callback to Captain America’s original pointy shield from the Golden Age, the Bucky Barnes Captain America costume is one of the best in the way it straddles the past and modern times.

The use of black throughout the costume also adds a nice distinctive touch that reflects Bucky’s dark past as a Winter Soldier. Comic book fans know that Bucky Barnes went through some major changes, and this 2008 era for the character was one of the best.

1 classic disguise

Captain America Goes Crazy Comic

The classic Captain America costume is undoubtedly the best and proof of that is its timelessness. The suit, designed by legendary artist Jack Kirby, has remained virtually unchanged since appearing in Captain America Comics No. 1 in 1941.

All of the iconic elements are present on the front cover, with the only changes being subtle renditions of the A on her crown and her neck being covered. Every Captain America costume in the comics descends from this one, and in some ways every Marvel costume follows suit.

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