Comparison of Non-Bank Loans 2019

Our non-bank loan comparison platform presents the current offer of loan companies in March 2019. A non-banking loan is a type of cash loan that can be used for any purpose and the procedure for granting a loan is limited to a minimum of formalities. In most loan companies, the timely repayment of the loan entitles you to apply for higher loan amounts.


The list includes the offers of the following loan companies: KredytOK, Ferratum Money,, hapi loans,, TAKTO, AASA light installments, Express Cash Register, Super Grosz, Loans 4 Players, VIPPO, motokasa,, Funeda, Loan OK,,, LoanMe, Super Rata, Euroloan, Lekka Pożyczka,, eKassa.

Non-bank loans are characterized by many features that you will not find in banks’ offer, eg:

  • the possibility of withdrawing money without a bank account (GIRO check)
  • conducting the entire online process without having to sign a loan agreement and visit the branch
  • instant transfer to your account, even within a few minutes
  • the possibility of applying for another loan after repayment of half of the previous loan installments
  • some companies require the borrower’s identity confirmation based on a bank account
  • formalities reduced to a minimum

For each lender, we provide detailed parameters of the loan offered, including: loan amount, loan period, whether a permanent source of income is required (contract of employment), whether the loan is granted to pensioners or whether a positive creditworthiness is necessary or whether the company checks the debtors’ register (BIG, BIK, ERIF, KRD, KBIG), whether the client may have bailiff’s activities.

Taking a non-bank loan you must be aware that failure to meet the terms of the contract is associated with the relatively high costs incurred. Therefore, before taking cash from a company that is not a bank, you should consider and apply for an repayable amount without excessive risk.

Summary of non-bank loan offers

Summary of non-bank loan offers

  • non-bank loans available in March 2019.
  • the minimum amount of a non-bank loan – PLN 200, the maximum amount of a non-bank loan – PLN 20,000
  • minimum period of 60 days (2 months), maximum period of 1440 days (48 months, 4 years)
  • minimum APR 9.8%, maximum APRC 288%

If you want to share your experience or leave an opinion regarding the offer of non-bank loans – we encourage you to write a comment.